【Osaka Center Area】It’s coming back this year! Osaka Hikari no Kyoen 2020 will start from Nov 3, 2020.

Osaka Hikari no Kyoen 2020 will be held in various locations in Osaka Prefecture, starting with the Midosuji Illumination, which will start on Tuesday, November 3, 2020 (national holiday).

“Osaka: A Feast of Light” will be held again in 2020 under the theme “Light of Hope.

The theme of this year’s “Osaka Hikari no Kyoen” (Osaka Feast of Light) will be “Light of Hope” and the night of Osaka will be decorated in a fantastic way. A number of light events will be held throughout Osaka Prefecture, including the “Midosuji Illumination” that fills Midosuji Avenue with lights and the “OSAKA Hikari Renaissance” in the Nakanoshima area.

Midosuji Illumination

Midosuji” is the main street in Osaka, running north to south from Umeda to Namba. The Midosuji Illumination will be the main event of this year’s event as well, with many people stopping to be enveloped in a world of light. The theme of this year’s event is “A symbolic street of light that gently envelops visitors to Osaka,” and the street trees will be decorated with countless lights.

OSAKA Hikari no Renaissance

The theme of “OSAKA Hikari-Renaissance” is “Light Art Festival”, which spreads out along the Nakanoshima waterfront, and colors Nakanoshima, the symbol of the water city of Osaka. The Central Public Hall projection mapping and illumination will transform the Nakanoshima area, home to such important cultural properties as the Central Public Hall and the Nakanoshima Library, into a fantastical space where Osaka’s culture and art can be found.


Osaka Hikari no Kyoen 2020
【Exhibition Period】Nov 3 (Tue) 2020 – Jan 31 (Sun), 2021 *90 days

<Core Program>
■ Midosuji Illumination 2020
【Exhibition Period】Nov 3 (Thu) – Dec 31 (Thu), 2020 *59 days
【Lighting Time】Around 17:00 – 23:00
【Location】Midosuji (Hanshin-mae intersection to Namba Nishiguchi intersection)
■OSAKA Hikari no Renaissance 2020
【Exhibition Period】Dec 14 (Mon) – Dec 25 (Fri), 2020 *12 days
【Lighting Time】Around 17:00 – 22:00 (Some content will be available until 23:00)
【Location】Nakanoshima Park from the Osaka City Hall area