【Osaka International Airport / Itami】A high-quality space based on the concept of an “airport lounge” was born!


Ueshima Coffee Shop, based on the concept of an airport lounge, opened on the second floor of the Osaka International Airport North Terminal in the newly opened THE GIFT HALL.

About Ueshima Coffee

The concept of Ueshima Coffee Shop is “a warm and nostalgic coffee shop for adults that treasures the vanishing coffee culture of Japan, but where none existed before”. Since the opening of the first store in Kanda Jimbocho, Tokyo on June 18, 2003, the UCC Group has been offering delicious coffee and a comfortable atmosphere based on the dedication to coffee and the techniques that it has developed over the 80 years since its founding.

Ueshima Coffee Osaka International Airport Store

The 140th location of Ueshima Coffee Shop Osaka International Airport is based on the concept of an “airport lounge” and offers a high-quality space. In addition to Ueshima Coffee’s signature flannel drip coffee, we also offer seasonal milk coffee such as “Coconut Milk Coffee”. In addition, there is a wide variety of menu items such as a thick soft-serve ice cream made with milk from Awaji Island. Relax before or after your flight, work on business, or take a break from shopping and enjoy a “rich moment of coffee”.


Ueshima Coffee Osaka International Airport Store

【Opening Date】Aug. 5 (wed) 2020
【Location】Osaka International Airport North Terminal, 2nd floor, compartment No223
【Address】555, Hotarugaike Nishimachi 3-chome, Toyonaka City, Osaka Prefecture
【Hour】6:30 – 21:00
【Regular Holiday】No holiday during the year