【Osaka International Airport (Itami)】ISHIYA and ANA FESTA’s collaboration product “Chocolat Gateau (Caramel)” to go on sale from August 5 (Wed).

The “Chocolat Gateau (Caramel)” co-developed with Ishiya, famous for Hokkaido’s “Shiroi Koibito”, went on sale on August 5 (Wed) as an ANA FESTA-only product at Osaka International Airport (Itami Airport).

Collaboration with ANA FESTA, Part 2

This is the second collaboration product with ANA FESTA, following the “Chocolat Gateau (White)”, and it will be released to coincide with the grand opening of Osaka International Airport, which was undergoing its first major renovation in 50 years! The year before last, the “Chocolat Gateau (White)” is extremely popular despite being a product that is only available at airports in Hokkaido.

ISHIYA original caramel and white chocolate are used for a moist and rich taste.

Chocolat Gateau (Caramel) is a baked cake based on the i Gateau, which is only available at IISHIYA directly managed stores, and is characterized by its moist and rich flavor made with white chocolate and IISHIYA’s original caramel. The blend of ingredients has been tried and tested, and the sweetness of the caramel is adjusted by adding white chocolate while retaining the moderate bitterness of the caramel, resulting in a rich taste and a moist texture at the same time.

Good for Souvenir

In order to help people recall their own charms and wonderful memories of Osaka or to share them with others, the packaging is red, a color inspired by the flamboyance of Osaka, and incorporates the city’s iconic landmarks. Combined with the caramel flavor, which can be enjoyed by people of all ages from children to adults, this product is the perfect souvenir of Osaka.


Chocolate gateau (caramel)

【Price】6 for 1,198yen (taxed), 9 for 1,782yen (taxed)
【Best before】80 days from the date of manufacture
【Sales Location】Osaka International Airport ANA FESTA Gate Gift Shop