【Osaka International Airport (ITAMI)】Jalan Marche, selling local souvenirs selected by the editorial team of “Kansai Chugoku & Shikoku Jalan”, will open on Wednesday, August 5!

The travel magazine “JALAN” will open “JALAN Marche” on August 5 on the 2nd floor of the South Terminal of Osaka International Airport (Itami Airport)! You can buy local souvenirs selected by the editorial department of “Kansai Chugoku-Shikoku Jalan”.

Limited edition original products for “JALAN Marche”.

Nyalan no Niku-kyun
648 yen (8pieces)

“Nyalan’s” paw-shaped crunchy chocolate. It looks cute and pink and has a mixed juice flavor that gives it an Osaka feel.

About Nyalan

The official character of “JALAN”, born in 2007. He loves to travel when he feel like it. He admired and looked up to the first master traveler, Nyalan, as his mentor, and went through various journeys with him, and assumed the name “Nyalan” as the second generation. Like the first generation, he lives in Kawasaki. He’s really into photography these days.

Products sold at Jalan Marche

Osaka sweet Mr. Warakasu

(6 pieces)972y en /(10 pieces) 1,620 yen 

A sponge cake made with local eggs and deep rikinako (kinako flour) from Osaka is topped with a warabimochi filled with molasses. The sticky texture and savory kinako (kinako) sponge pancakes are an innovative blend of Japanese and Western-style sweets.

Kichiya Yoshinaga
Osaka Squid Rice Crackers

(10 pieces)1,188 yen(20 pieces)2,268 yen

This popular Osaka souvenir has sold more than 6 million copies. Squid from the Sea of Japan, rice from Hyogo Prefecture and grilled salt from Ako are used. A flavorful piece of squid made with a special maturation process that locks in the flavor of the squid.

Kyoto Anon

1,728 yen (5 pieces)

The sandwich is made with bottled adzuki beans from Tokachi in Hokkaido and homemade mascarpone cheese in the proportions you like. The sweetness of the bean paste and the mildness of the cheese are a perfect match.

KYOTO 3 Colors

1,188 yen (1 loaf)

This shop is famous for its marble danishes, which combine Western flavors with Japanese ingredients. Gion Tsujiri’s matcha, fresh sweet and sour strawberries, and plain dough are interwoven in this colorful Danish.

Kakashou Rokubei

1,155 yen (4 pieces)

This sandwich (Monaka) is a collaboration between a long-established Japanese sweets shop established in 1926 and interior design unit “Toneriko”. You can enjoy four flavors: koshian, cherry blossom, yomogi and black sesame.

Makezu no Tsuba-honpo Mangorou
Makezu no Tsuba

874 yen (3 pieces) / 1,620 yen (6 pieces)

This shop is associated with Oda Nobunaga. Their signature product is the midst of an iron spit, one of Nobunaga’s favorite swords. A sandwich crust made of fragrantly baked Shiga habutae mochi (rice cakes) is filled with homemade dichromatic red bean paste made with spring water from Azuchi.

Kobe, Motomachi Ichiban-kan
Pome D’Amour.

1 box, 260g, 1,458 yen Skeleton (plain), 150g, 1,383 yen Skeleton (tea), 150g, 1,491 yen

The company was founded in 1971 in Motomachi, Kobe. This long-selling product is a thin coating of chocolate on stewed apples with honey. Refreshing apples and original bitter chocolate are the best match.

Satoden Masuo Store
Nara Confaito

540 yen / box

Established in 1854. Using carefully selected granulated sugar, artisans expertly turn it into kompeito. There are more than 16 flavors in total, including seasonal items such as rice malt-saccharified “Gomon Rice Candy” flavor and Yamato tea.

Okashi Tsukasa Honke Kikuya
Deer Monaka

1,428 yen (5 pieces)

This is a popular product from a long-established Japanese confectionery shop established in 1585. A metal cauldron with high thermal conductivity is used to cook the rice in one go using steam, resulting in a light and elegant koshi-an. It goes perfectly with the crispy middle section.

Sowa Orchard
A whole, rich mandarin orange jelly from the orchard

390 yen

Arita Mikan in Arita City has the best conditions for growing mandarin oranges: a mild climate and little rainfall. The rich sweetness and richness of the jellied mandarin oranges that are filled with the luxury of a whole mandarin orange are SO GOOD!


Jalan Marche

【Location】Osaka International Airport South Terminal 2
【Address】3-555 Hotarugaike Nishimachi, Toyonaka City, Osaka
【Hour】6:00 – 20:00
*Jalan Marche is located in the ANA departure checkpoint, which is open only to passengers.