【Osaka Limited】Popular character “Monchhichi” appeared in Osaka limited Takoyaki stuffed toy badge!

Local limited products “Osaka limited Takoyaki Monchhichi Plush Badge” 2 of the character “Monchhichi” which has been loved all over the world will be released from the beginning of June 019 at souvenir shops and variety shops in Kansai.

What’s Monchhichi ?

Monchhichi is a cute, curvy character released by Sekiguchi in 1974.
The word “Monchhichi” is based on French, “Mon” (meaning “my”) and “petite” (meaning “small and cute”). In addition, because it always sucks Mont and pacifier of the monkey, it is named “Monchhichi”.


Osaka limited Takoyaki Monchhichi stuffed toy badge

【Size】 W5cm×H5cm (1.96 inch ×1.96 inch)
【Release Date】Beginning of June.
*Release date varies depending on sales location.
【Sales area】Souvenir shop, variety shop etc of Kansai
【Price】500 yen (+Tax)