【OSAKA OHSHO】50th anniversary limited edition “Invincible roast pork fried rice” will start to sell from May 9.


“Osaka OHSHO” reaching its 50th anniversary in September 2019 will start to sell “Invincible roast pork fried rice” for a limited time from May 9th.

Product Features

A fried rice with big square-cut grilled pork with a volume of 1.5 times that of normal cooked rice! It is an extremely rich cooked rice cooked with grated garlic and thick grilled pork sauce. It brings out the taste of meat and the sweetness of onions, and sticks to the “old-fashioned nostalgic” flavor of its inception.

Item Information

Invincible roast pork fried rice

【Price】750 yen (includes tax)
【Selling Period】May 9 to June 30
【Selling Store】Domestic OSAKA OHSHO