【Osaka Shin Hankyu Hotel】 A “cow print” cat-shaped soufflé cheesecake will be available for a limited time only!

“Ironeko Fromage Mou, a cat-shaped soufflé cheesecake with a cow pattern, will go on sale for a limited time at Osaka Shin Hankyu Hotel’s bakery and cafe Blue Jean from December 30 (Wed), 2020.

Cat Shaped Souffle Cheese Cake

The famous cat-shaped soufflé cheesecake from Blue Jean has been transformed into a bold cow pattern in honor of the Chinese zodiac sign for 2021, the year of the bull. The top surface of the cake is decorated with a cow pattern, and there is also a “hidden cat motif” hidden inside, making it a playful item.

In addition to its cute appearance, it also has the elegant taste of being made in a hotel. It is served in a cute cat motif box, which is sure to be appreciated as a souvenir during the year-end and New Year holidays.


“Ironeko fromage mou” 1,000 yen (tax included) *To-Go Only

【Sales Period】 Dec 30 (Wed), 2020 – Jan 31 (Sun), 2021
*Closed on January 1 (Friday, holiday)
【Store】 Osaka Shin Hankyu Hotel B1F Bakery & Cafe “Blue Jean”
【Address】 1-1-35 Shibata, Kita-ku, Osaka City, Osaka
【Phone】 06-6136-3171

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