【Osaka Shin-hankyu Hotel】From March 1, 2020 (Sun), the Gourmet Buffet “Olympia” will host the Spring in full bloom! “Tuna x Shrimp Festival”.


From March 1, 2020 (Sun) at the gourmet buffet “Olympia” at the Osaka Shin-hankyu Hotel, the Spring in full bloom “Tuna x Shrimp Festival” will be held as a spring gourmet fair. Including salmon and gorgeous tuna sprinkled with salad, arrangement dishes using shrimp are prepared.

Tuna & Shrimp Recommended Menu

Tuna Sashimi
~ seafood jewelry box ~

Tuna sashimi that is gorgeously finished like a green jewelry box with green onions, salmon and salmon. Appears from smoked smoke.

Three types of hand-rolled sushi

Hand-rolled sushi with three flavors: toro, shrimp and roast beef. If you tear off the nori from the middle, you will be split into two pieces, so you can enjoy one by one.

Broiled shrimp with prawn-flavored gratin

A dish of shelled shrimp roasted on rock salt. Serve with shrimp-flavored gratin.

Shrimp hot chili sauce with ice cream

New sense of shrimp chili to eat with ice cream. The soft shell shrimp that can be eaten together with the fried crisps, the scallop is boiled in oil, and the hot chili sauce is added.

Surprising combination!
Arrange menu.

Shrimp Tempura with Sakura Shrimp

Shrimp and shrimp tempura fried in shrimp batter.

Whole roasted foie gras Shukuro Rocher

Roasted foie gras was covered with candy-crafted Shukuru Rocher *.
*A technique of boiling down sugar and hardening it like a rock

Minestrone with Senso jelly

Taiwan sweets “sensou jelly” for soup. Bouncing texture is an impressive dish.

Using strawberry -Performance dessert-

Strawberry ice cream and condensed milk soft ice cream

A strawberry ice cream with a sticky texture, a frozen strawberry and a soft ice cream with a condensed milk flavor are layered to create a fun ice dessert with a different texture.

In addition, all you can eat about 80 kinds including Japanese, Western and Chinese desserts!


Spring in full bloom! “Tuna x Shrimp Festival”

【Period】March 1 (Sun) – May 31 (Sun) 2020
【Price】 https://www.hankyu-hotel.com/hotel/hh/osakashh/contents/restaurants/olympia/next/price/
【Reservation】 06-6372-5240 or Web