【OSAKA Station】Rusks and fruit sandwiches made by a bakery specialty store!


The cube rask shop, “Le Cube Takasho” where a high-quality bread specialty store “Takusho” that originated in Nishi (West) Ward, Osaka City newly offering opened on March 5th, about a month ago, at “Station Marche”, a commercial facility located just outside JR Osaka Station Sakurabashi Exit.

What’s “Takasho”?

At present, high quality bread is booming mainly in Osaka, and many bread specialty stores are open. “Takasho” is one of them and their white bread is carefully selected by artisans, from selection of raw materials to ripening and baking methods, carefully crafted by the craftsmen, delicious to the edge, and slightly sweet.

The brand concept is “Small happiness of a bite”.

“The rusks made with the high-quality white bread of Takasho must be delicious.” “Le Cube Takasho” was born from such a thought and is a to-go specialty store that handles rusks and fruit sandwitches with limited quantities.

Cube rusk which has a concept of “small happiness of a bite” will be a sweets if it’s with chocolate or fruits and will be a snack if it’s with spices and herbs!

Why don’t you enjoy the taste and texture of the adult condensed in a simple cube?

In addition, there is fruit sandwiches that are also creamy in accordance with seasonal ingredients and can be eaten as a dessert!


There are more than 10 different tastes of rusks that you can feel the texture directly.

The variety of rich Rusk is as follows♪

Cinnamon, Maple, Coffee, White Chocolate, Strawberry Chocolate, Chocolate
Cheese & Pepper, Garlic & Bacon, Olive & Basil, Onion, Mentaiko

As rusk lasts, it’s good for souvenirs♪

Limited seasonal fruit sandwich will be also available.

Information about shop

Le Cube Takasho

Location / Marche ’s Kitchen Zone in “Eki (station) Marche Osaka”
3-1-1 Umeda, Kita-ward, Osaka
Hour / 10:00 – 22:00
Regular holiday follows “Eki Marche Osaka”