【Osaka Takashimaya】Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon x Ice Watch is available for a limited time from August 21st to 27th.

From Ice-Watch, a watch “Sailor Moon x Ice Watch-Moonlight Collaboration” appeared in collaboration with the popular work “Sailor Moon”. It will be sold in limited quantities at the limited store held at Osaka Takashimaya from August 21st (Wed) to August 27th (Tue) 2019.

Five warriors appointed to the motif.

The collaboration watch features five warriors of “Sailor Moon”, “Sailor Mercury”, “Sailor Mars”, “Sailor Jupiter” and “Sailor Venus” as motifs.

The gradation color dial is matched to the pure white and flexible silicone rubber belt, and the image color of each warrior is decorated. For example, Sailor Moon is a pink and yellow that tickles a girl’s heart, Sailor Mercury is a dazzling blue and sky blue, and Sailor Venus is a powerful orange × blue. The details of the world of Sailor Moon are confined to the details. The guardian star mark of the warriors is on the 12 o’clock position. The time-matched crown has a colorful Swarovski crystal named after the character’s image color.

In addition, the case-bag is engraved with the Sailor Moon 25th Anniversary Project logo. Each watch comes with a box and an original package, which can also be a savings box, with a color scheme matched to the Sailor 5 warrior. The original cleaner will be presented on a first-come, first-served basis.


Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon x Ice Watch-Moonlight Collaboration

【Price】Each 16,000 yen + tax
【Sales period】August 21 (Wed), 2019 10:00 to August 27 (Tue)
【Sales Store】Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon x Ice Watch Limited Time Store
Osaka Takashimaya 1st floor Ladies accessories section event corner
【Address】5-1-5 Namba, Chuo-ku, Osaka

※ Per 1 accounting, purchase of up to 15 a total of 3 per person various 3
※ Original cleaner present by the first arrival.
※ As soon as it is lost in the limited store, sales will end.
※ There is also the possibility of additional sales.