【Ramen feature】10 popular ramen shops around Osaka Station!

Do you like Ramen? I love Ramen!!! I’m sure there are no people who hate Ramen. If you have a lot of ramen shops and are wondering which ramen shop to go to, please check it out. Here are 10 ramen shops around Osaka Station.

#10 Ramen Araumado (Umeda Ichibangai branch)

The first to introduce is “Araumado”, an all-you-can-eat meal of Kimchi and Menma. It is conveniently located 1 minute walk from Hankyu Umeda Station and 3 minutes walk from JR Osaka Station. By the way, there is a store at the same Osaka Station, Sakurabashi Exit.

“Araumauma Ramen (730 yen)” is the best match between chewy wheat noodles and pork bone soy sauce. The scent of mer oil and the noodles that are good over the throat are impressive. Adding free kimchi and menma will change the flavor of ramen into a slightly sour spicy pork bone soup, so you can enjoy a different soup.

The feature of ” Burnt pork bone soy sauce hot soup with cold noodles (880 yen)” is that the back fat is contained in the soup. Noodles mixed with pork bone-based thick soup that feels flavored vegetables such as ginger are exquisite elasticity that can feel firmness even when it is slippery. It’s open until midnight, so it’s recommended for a finishing dish.


【Ramen Shop】Ramen Araumado
【Address】9-36 Kakudacho, Kita-ku, Osaka
【Phone】 06-6361-9056
【Hour】 11:00〜24:00(L.O23:30)
【Holiday】There is no regular holiday.

#9 Ramen Nikoku Ohatsutenjin Brunch

Next is the must-see for Instagramers! ! This is the “Ramen Nikoku Ohatsutenjin branch” where you can enjoy gorgeous pork!

The signboard menu is “Char-siu pork Ramen (920 yen)”. There is no doubt that you will be overwhelmed by the size and quantity of the char-siu pork! Please wait and prepare for shooting. The soup is a refined taste with a modest boiled oil flavor and the taste of pork bone.


【Ramen Shop】Ramen Nikoku Ohatsutenjin Brunch
【Address】2-13-18 Sonezaki, Kita-ku, Osaka
【Phone】 06-6365-0259
【Hour】11:00 – 25:00
【Holiday】There is no regular holiday

#8 Menya 7.5 Hz+ Umeda Sohoten

Let’s introduce “Noodle Shop (Menya) 7.5Hz + Umeda Sohonten”, which has a unique and elegant atmosphere. It seems that the name of the store that has an impact includes a wish that the customer and the store clerk can spend the best at 7.5Hz.

Recommended set A (830 yen), which is a set of Chinese noodles, taste balls and white rice, is a classic. You might be surprised at chewy and very thick noodles. A thick soy-based soup that is not beaten by very thick noodles is characterized by crispy and rich onions. Everything has a great presence, but each one stands out in a stunning balance, so the timeless taste is impressive.


【Ramen Shop】 Noodle Shop (Menya) 7.5Hz + Umeda Sohonten
【Location】Osaka Station 2nd Building B2F
【Address】1-2-2 Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka
【Phone】 06-6346-5510
【Hour】11:00 – 22:00 (Weekdays) / 11:00 – 21:00 (Sat, Sun, Holiday)
【Holiday】Open all year round.

#7 Mannen Umeda Honten

The long-established ramen restaurant “MANNEN Umeda Main Store”, which has been in business for 20 years, is a well-known store that people know to know that when it is crowded, there may be a queue until 1:00 in the middle of the night.

Speaking of such a famous store’s signboard menu, “Toro Niku (meat) ramen (1,000 yen)”! This ramen is rich in 2 types of richly seasoned char-siu pork, 1 medium-sized char-siu pork belly, and 3 medium-sized char-siu pork belly cartilage, and every pork is inside the mouth. The strongest gem that will get sloppy when you put it in! Spread good taste of the flavor oils to chunky and was a thickened soup of Seabura filled, is characterized by that the taste and flavor of mellow pig bone soup has been concentrated. Spread good taste of the flavor oils to chunky and was a thickened soup of Seabura(fatty upper part of roast pork) filled, is characterized by that the taste and flavor of mellow pig bone soup has been concentrated.


【Ramen Shop】Mannen Umeda Honten
【Address】5-9-1F Doyamacho, Kita-ku, Osaka
【Phone】 06-6315-5121
【Hour】Weekday 11:00 – 9:00 the next morning
Sunday 11:00 – 4:30 the next morning
【Holiday】 Open all year round.

#6 Menya Roran

The shop staff’s hospitality is great, “Menya (Noodle Shop) Roran”. The menu is abundant, so it is recommended that you visit many places to share and eat.

“Burnt miso ramen noodles (900 yen)” is a rich miso ramen characterized by four types of aged miso and a savory mer oil soup. When you melt the meat miso, the soup changes and you can enjoy it twice.

“Yuzu salted dipping noodles with Ajitama (flavored boiled egg) ( (900 yen)” is characterized by a solid soup flavor and soup that allows you to feel the hot taste of chili pepper. There is no doubt that you can grab the topping of yuba that you don’t see much in ramen!


【Ramen Shop】Menya Roran
【Location】Osaka Station 2nd Building B2F
【Address】1-2-2 Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka
【Phone】 06-6345-6636
【Hour】Mon – Sat 11:00 – 21:00 / Sun, Holiday 11:00 – 20:00
【Holiday】The Year End and the New Year Holiday

#5 Tsukemen, Yondaime Misawa

(Dipping Noodkle, Fourth generation Misawa)

Tsukemen Yondaime Misawa, where you can taste the ultimate tsukemen (dipping noodles) with carefully selected ingredients, is a little away from Osaka Station, but it is conveniently located just a 1-minute walk from Honmachi Station on the Midosuji Subway Line.

The tsukemen noodle set for lunch is ramen with mixing soup, pork bones, seafood, and chicken soup. You absolute love smooth noodle with such great soup! Adding the leek attached to the noodles adds a crispy texture, and adding Citrus Sudachi adds sourness and makes the soup sweet. And don’t forget putting the burnt stones into the soup! At the same time as the sound swells, there is a fragrant fragrance, and a thick soup is completed as you look.

“Misawa Soy Sauce Ramen Black” is a light Chinese soba noodle that has changed from tsukemen (dipping noodle). Noodles are medium-thick straight noodles that make you feel the sweetness of wheat the more you chew. And the golden soup has a fragrant soy sauce flavor.


【Ramen Shop】Tsukemen Yondaime Misawa
【Location】Faran Senba Shinsaibashi Building 1F
【Address】3-6-1 Minamihonmachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka
【Phone】 06-6281-3380
【Hour】Mon – Sat (Holiday) 11:00 – 24:00 / Sun 11:00 – 22:00
【Holiday】There is no regular holiday.

#4 Osaka Mentetsu

Let’s continue. “Osaka Mentetsu”, where you can enjoy true Osaka ramen made with kelp stock. There are 4 stores in Osaka Prefecture, but every branch has a different concept. Osaka Mentetsu is the Ramen shop where aiming for a true Osaka taste.

The famous “YAMA 1200 yen” is not listed on the menu. Hidden Menu’s “YAMA” is sold in limited quantities only on Saturdays and Sundays and is a very rare ramen. It’s a chilled ramen topped with grated yam and eggs. You might be surprised at the strange combination, but if you want to try it, visit the open time on Saturdays and Sundays and order “YAMA”.

If you’re not on a Saturday or Sunday, “Niku shoyu (Meat soysauce) Wonton Ramen (1300 yen) is recommended. “Dashi” works as hard as you can imagine from the light-colored soup, and you can enjoy various flavors even in a light soup. It tastes as if you are drinking a high-class Japanese restaurant soup.


【Ramen Shop】OSAKA Mentetsu
【Address】2-10-7 Sonezaki, Kita-ku, Osaka
【Phone】 06-6232-8459
【Hour】11:30 – 14:30 / 17:30 – 21:00
【Holiday】Monday (If Monday is a public holiday, Monday and Tuesday are consecutive holidays.)

#3 烈志笑魚油麺香房 (Resshi Shoyu Menkhobo) Sanku

Although it is a bit away from Osaka Station, this is a famous store where you can queue in Osaka Fukushima, famous as a ramen battlefield, day and night.

“Kuro Tsubo Ramen 750 yen” is a delicious ramen with a sigh. The soy sauce base is thick, but the chewy Middle thickness curly noodle is tangled in a refreshing soup with a unique umami and richness. And be sure to ask “Sanku no kusuri (Medicine of Sanku)”. It is a “Shichimi” (seven-flavored mix of ingredients), giving it a taste and flavor change, and you can enjoy ramen that you can eat without getting tired until the end.

The most famous menu in this store is “Kake Ramen 800 yen”. Underneath the layer of fishmeal, a soup based on soy sauce appears. The taste of boiled and sardine dashi spreads in your mouth just by eating a bite. Noodles that are properly used in consideration of compatibility with soup are thin curly noodles different from Kuro Tsubo ramen.


【Ramen Shop】Resshi Shoyu Menkhobo Sanku
【Address】2-6-5 Fukushima, Fukushima-ku, Osaka-shi
【Phone】 06-6451-4115
【Hour】11:39 – 14:39 (Lunch time) / 18:39 – 23:39 (Dinner Time)
【Holiday】Tuesday (If it is a holiday, the next day will be close.)

#2 Kyoto Menya Takei

As the name of the store, this is a famous store in Kyoto, but recently opened as a branch in Umeda Station. Dipping Noodle shop with rich seafood pork bones soup.

The most popular menu in this shop is “Ajitama Tsukemen (Dipping noodle with flavored boiled egg)”. The thickness of the noodles is as thick as Udon noodle and the soup is super rich as well. However, not only is it rich, but leek and yuzu skin accentuate and change the taste.

” Tonkotsu (Pork born) Chintam Special Ramen ” is a ramen limited to the Umeda store. Transparent soup with thin noodle is a contrast to tsukemen (dipping noodle). If you are not good at Dipping noodle with thick soup, this is recommended.


【Ramen Shop】Kyoto Menya Takei Umeda brunch
【Location】Hankyu Umeda Station 2nd floor central ticket gate west
【Address】1-2 1-2 Shibata, Kita-ku, Osaka
【Phone】 06-6377-1622
【Hour】11:00 – 22:30 (L.O.22:00)
【Holiday】 Open all year round.

#1 Mugi to Mensuke Shin Umeda Nakatsu store

“Mugi to Mensuke Shin Umeda Nakatsu store”, which has impressive selected ingredients, is the second store of “Moeyo Mensuke”, the main store of duck stock Soba and shellfish stock Soba.

“The finest, using Gintsuki Ibuki Iriko, Ajitama Iriko Soba” features thin noodle and rare Cha-siu in beautiful and clear soup. Clear soup using only Gintsuki Iriko, one of the rarest Irico “Ibuki Iriko” on Ibuki Island in Kagawa Prefecture, has a gentle and mellow taste and exquisite saltiness.


【Ramen Shop】Kyoto Menya Takei Umeda brunch
【Address】3-4-12 Toyosaki Kita-ku, Osaka
【Phone】There is no number. (Reservations not accepted)
【Hour】Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri, 11:00 – 15:30
Sat, 11:00 – 16:00 and From 18:00 to sold out
Sun, 11:00 – 16:00
【Holiday】 Tuesday