【Ramen of the day】 From Top 100 Stores in Kansai | Menya Takakura Nijo

The popular ramen restaurant, Menya Takakura Nijo, introduced here, has a small store on the southeast corner of the Takakura Nijo intersection. It is located in a residential area a short distance from downtown, where the streets are less crowded at night and it is so quiet that you can hear your own footsteps well.

Menya Takakura Nijo Menu

This is also a style of restaurant where you buy meal tickets in advance, but this restaurant has a touch-screen ticket vending machine with an image, so it is very easy to select a meal.

Choose one of three types of ramen, tsukemen, or curry tsukemen.
The next screen shows the main toppings.
You can choose from three toppings: Motsu (giblets), Chashu (Roasted pork), or Japanese black beef.
On the next screen, you choose the type and amount of noodles.
There are two types of noodles: standard noodles and yuzu noodles. You can choose between regular and large amounts of noodles.
Finally, you can choose additional toppings.

Menya Takakura Nijo’s standard menu

First, let’s start with Ramen, the standard menu item at Menya Takakura Nijo.

This time, I ordered a large bowl of the standard noodle soup with extra toppings (priced at 1,350 yen including tax). The toppings include grilled green onions, chopped green onions, and boiled cabbage. The cabbage topping may be a bit unusual for ramen.

Chopsticks are in a drawer on the counter. Pepper and other items are also stored there.

The soup is a soy sauce broth based on tonkotsu paitan (pork bone). The pork bone flavor is relatively mild, but the soy sauce flavor is a little strong, and the sharpness of the soy sauce is strongly felt. It is seasoned for young people who like a strong taste. It will make you thirsty, so you will probably drink a good amount of tea.

In contrast, the noodles are straight, medium-fine noodles with angles like Japanese buckwheat noodles. The surface of the noodle is smooth and pleasant, and together with the sharp corners of the noodle, it gives a pleasant sensation in the mouth. The noodles are slightly hard-boiled and firm, but the smooth surface makes them go down your throat easily. The noodles do not absorb much soup, but this is just right because of the high density of the soup.

I counted eight pieces of motsu (giblets), which were added as an optional extra. While they were roasted on a burner just before the bowl of rice arrived and were fragrant, the unique pull-apart texture of the motsu (giblets)was still there. What do I like about motsu (giblets)? The soup that soaks into the inside from the irregular surface and the fat of the motsu (giblets) combine to become superb juice that overflows into your mouth when you bite into it. The chashu (roasted pork) and the black wagyu beef are hard to ignore, but if you have the chance, please give the motsu (giblets) a try.

Ajitama Chashu Curry Tsukemen

The curry soup for Ajitama Chashu Curry Tsukemen is served hot and heated in the Staub. Inside is a boiled egg and a good amount of chopped chashu pork. The chashu pork is tender and has a savory aroma from being roasted on a burner in advance. The egg is also well-known for its thick yolk and flavorful boiled egg.

The tsukemen soup is based on Takakura Nijo’s signature pork bone and seafood broth. When you take a sip of the soup, which is not too thick, you can taste the elegant yet robust flavor of seafood and a hint of sourness. Curry spices are added to the soup to create a complex flavor.

The noodles, which are not so firm as to be tough, have a sticky texture, and they are well absorbed by the soup, delivering the flavors of curry and seafood to the palate. The noodle’s smooth surface makes it easy to slurp down, and you can finish it in no time.


麺や高倉二条 (Meny Takakura Nijo)

【Address】 64-1, Kannon-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
【Business Hour】 11:00-15:00, 18:00-22:00 (until 21:00 on weekends and holidays)
【Closed】 12/31-1/3
【Official Website】 https://www.takakura-nijo.jp/