【Ramen of the day】 From Top 100 Stores in Kansai | Moeyo (Burning) Mensuke

The ramen store “Burning Mensuke” opened in April 2016 and is located in an alley a little south of JR Fukushima Station. The system is to purchase a meal ticket from the ticket machine as soon as you enter and hand it to the store staff. The polite service and cleanliness of the restaurant are so thorough that it is hard to believe that it is a ramen restaurant.

Soup base is shellfish and seafood!

Another popular specialty is the Ajitama Kishu Kamo Soba (970 yen), with its rich duck flavor and high density.
Its elegant flavor attracts many female fans. These two menu items have attracted so much attention that there is never a day when there is not a line out the door, but it is well worth a try!

Ajitama Kishu Kamo (duck) Soba 970 yen

The Ajitama Kishu Kamo Soba (970 yen), with its high density of rich duck flavor, is a mix of Kishu duck and a chicken soup named Awaodori (Awao chicken) with seafood and kombu (seaweed). The clean, clear soup is quite light, but has a deep flavor. The duck topping is chewy and has a subtle charcoal aroma. The juicy flavor spreads with each bite, and the marriage of the soup, noodles, and duck is indescribable.

Ajitama Konjikigai Soba 880 yen

The flavor and richness of the shellfish comes through the moment you take a sip, and the soy sauce and fried onions accentuate it nicely. The soup is golden in color, as the name of the menu suggests, and the aroma of shellfish fills your mouth as you eat it. Add a hint of yuzu (citrus) and it’s refreshing!

I can’t decide whether to go for the duck or the shellfish…………………..

Kamo Tori-Meshi (duck and rice with chicken) 290 yen

Duck chicken rice is served with ramen broth poured over it. This is just outstanding, with the flavor of the duck!

You should definitely order them together for a last hurrah!


燃えよ麺助  “Moeyo Mensuke”

【Address】 5-12-21 Fukushima, Fukushima-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
【Business Hour】[Tue-Sat] 11:00-15:00 / 18:00-21:00 [Sun] 11:00-16:00
【Closed】 Monday
【Official Favebook】 https://www.facebook.com/燃えよ麺助-1660156880912031
【Official Twitter】 https://twitter.com/moeyo_mensuke
【Official Instagram】 https://www.instagram.com/moemen423