【Ramen of the day】 From Top 100 Stores in Kansai | Seabura no Kami (God of Backfat)

Every day we’ll give you one info on one of the best ramen shops out there! Seabura no Kami (God of Backfat) is a fairly well-known ramen restaurant in Kyoto that is always ranked high in various ramen rankings.

Soup base is Niboshi (dried sardines)!

Back Fat Niboshi Soba

The most popular and the restaurant’s favorite ramen is “Back Fat Niboshi (Dried Sardines) Noodles.” The ramen boasts a soup that combines chicken and pork bones, cooked slowly for 10 hours, and two kinds of high-quality dried sardines. The soup is full of back fat and may seem quite thick, but it is surprisingly light.

The noodles are thick and frizzy. The soup is so well mixed with them that they’re very satisfying again! The beautiful pink chashu pork is so tender, a little fat melting in the warmth of the ramen broth, just delicious!

In addition to “pepper,” there are “umakara chili pepper,” “black seven spice,” and “yuzu powder” on the table, so you can try changing the flavor.

Thick Seafood Tsukemen (with grated yam)

The thick, thick broth has a strong impact, with the seafood providing a solid punch. The noodles used for tsukemen are flat, medium-thick noodles. They are easy to eat because they are not too thick, although they are well mixed with the thick soup. Squeeze a little lemon over the noodles for a refreshing aftertaste.

The forked pork chops are beautifully pink, cold, yet so tender and delicious! Just be a little careful when you put it in the soup, because the soup will cool down quickly.

The last step is to add soup to the noodle soup, which is the standard for tsukemen, but this restaurant is a little different. First, soup stock is added to the leftover noodle soup, and then rice is added to the soup and eaten zosui (rice porridge) style. The soup and broth should be divided about “1:1” to get it just right.


It is located about a 10-minute walk south of Omiya Station on the Hankyu Kyoto Line. The restaurant is quietly located on the first floor of an apartment building in a residential area, so be careful not to miss it. However, you will be able to find us easily because there is usually a long line of people waiting in line….

First of all, you purchase a meal ticket at the entrance, which is relatively easy to understand because it has a picture on it, but just to be safe, get your Google Lens ready!

The menu is roughly divided into “ramen,” “tsukemen,” “mazesoba,” and “side menu (rice dishes),” with some limited ramen available from time to time.


セアブラノ神 壬生本店 (Seabura no Kami (God of Back Fat), Mibu Main Store)

【Address】 1F Daystar Avenue, 25-4 Mibu Aiai-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
【Business Hour】 11:00-15:00 / 18:00-22:00 (as of March 31, 2022, LO at 21:00 for the time being)
【Closed】 No
【Official Website】 http://www.seaburanokami.jp/