【Ramen of the day】from Top 100 Stores in Kansai | Fukushima Ichimen

Every day we’ll give you one info on one of the best ramen shops out there! This is a seafood ramen restaurant using mackerel and sea bream! Located in the basement of the hotel for easy access.

The soup base is seafood–snapper and mackerel!

Fukushima Ichimen has been a popular ramen restaurant since it opened in Fukushima in 2014.
This restaurant is owned by a company that runs a popular izakaya (Japanese style pub), so although it is a ramen restaurant, it is a rare one that also offers a selection of delicious sake and snacks.

The standard menu item is “thick sea bream salt ramen.

In addition, there are “Seasonal Limited Noodles” that change depending on the season, so no matter how many times you come, you will always find something new to taste.

From right to left: “Thick sea bream salt ramen,” “Seasonal limited edition noodles,” “Mackerel, back fat Chinese soba,” and “Mazesoba.

The restaurant is about a 3-minute walk from Fukushima Station.

The store is located on the basement floor of Ragusa Square, in a corner of the restaurant area.
First, I selected ramen from the ticket machine just inside the entrance.

Thick sea bream salt ramen (800 yen)

The standard item is the thick sea bream salt ramen. Ingredients include three slices of fried pork with green onion and naruto. The seafood-based salt-flavored soup is slightly espuma-like, and when you take a sip, the flavor of sea bream penetrates your nose. Although it looks thick, it is surprisingly light, making it a good finishing touch after a few drinks. The noodles are thin, straight, and smooth, and are easily eaten.

Wasabi rice (50 yen)

To finish, wasabi rice is recommended. Nori, green onion, and wasabi are placed on a bed of white rice, and the remaining ramen broth is poured over it to complete the dish! The amount of rice is enough to eat easily, just like tai chazuke, so be sure to order this one as well!

We have introduced our standard ramen, but in summer we have cold ramen and on the 29th of every month we have a limited edition ramen, so be sure to try all kinds of ramen!


福島壱麺 Fukushima Ichimen

【Address】 Hotel Hanshin B1F, 5-6-16 Fukushima, Fukushima-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
【Business Hour】 11:00~15:00、18:00~23:00
【Closed】 None