【Recipe】 How to make “winter ice cream” in a certain way


On a cold winter day, there is nothing better than eating ice cream in a warm room with a kotatsu. Let me tell you how to arrange such “winter ice cream”.

Hot! Sticky! Cold!?

The “Affogato Yukimi Daifuku” is the classic winter ice cream, Yukimi Daifuku, poured with hot espresso. The heat of the espresso melts the gyuhi (mochi), making it hot, sticky, and cool!

Not only with espresso, but also with black tea or green tea! If you’re not a fan of anko, try making it into oshiruko for an instant New Year’s touch!


Mini Yukimi Daifuku 30ml x 9 x 8 pcs [Frozen] (1 case)

3,520 yen (Tax & Shipping included)