【RIHGA Royal Hotel Osaka】 Valentine’s Day isn’t over yet! Valentine’s Day Limited Edition Tea Set “St. Berry Chocolate +” Available for Online Preorder


RIHGA Royal Hotel is now offering a limited edition Valentine’s Day tea set, “St. Berry Chocolate +,” with a choice of sweets and seven beverages, from February 1 (Mon.) to 28 (Sun.) at the 1st floor “Main Lounge” for online reservations only.

St. Berry Chocolate +

St. Berry Chocolate +” will offer eight different sweets, fresh strawberries, and snacks under the theme of “Strawberry and Chocolate.

The “Strawberry Jellies and Panna Cotta” accented with sweet and sour strawberry jelly and sauce is topped with chocolate to resemble a couple who have won the hearts of love. The “Cassis Chocolate and Marron Mousse Macaron Phrase,” decorated with strawberries, chocolate macaroons and raspberries, is a two-layered mousse. It has a mature taste with the refreshing sourness of blackcurrant spreading through the sweetness. There are also other sweets to liven up your Valentine’s Day date, such as the cute bright red “Strawberry Mousse with Heart”.

【PR】 Magical Strawberry Chocolate


St. Berry Chocolate +

【Sales Period】 Feb 1 (Mon) – 28 (Sun)
【Hour】 12:00 – 18:30 (L.O. 18:30)
【Price】 3,800 yen per person (including tax and service charge) *Only available for online reservations for 2 or 4 people only
【Reservation】 https://www.rihga.co.jp/osaka/restaurant/list/mainlounge/recommend.html#stbc

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1,080 yen + S&H 660 yen