【Rihga Royal Osaka】Exciting feeling like going to strawberry picking! Limited release of basket-type strawberry tart pie “Strawberry picking”.

At the Gourmet Boutique Melissa, a takeout shop at Rihga Royal Hotel, a special pastry chef’s special strawberry pickle, a basket-shaped pie filled with plenty of strawberries, is limited to 50 units until March 31 (Tuesday). And reservations are accepted until March 24 (Tue).

Strawberry picking♪

“Strawberry picking” is a basket-shaped cake that has been made into one large strawberry tart pie.

In a basket made of pie crust, crème damand (almond cream) is laid, and custard cream is squeezed on top, and strawberries and cream puffs are overflowing. The basket is decorated with roses and ribbons made of chocolate. “Strawberry picking” filled with baskets full of excitement as if you were picking strawberries allows you to eat all the cookies on the base.


“Strawberry picking” (*Reservation limited sale)

【Reservation Period】-Mar 24 (Tue)
*Limited to 50, reservation only.
*Need reservations up to 7 days before the date of receipt.
【Receipt】-Mar 31 (Tue)
【Price】9,720 yen (includes tax)
【Reservation】 06-6448-2412 (Gourmet Boutique Melissa)
【Location】Gourmet Boutique Melissa at 1st floor of Rihga Royal Hotel