【Rihga Royal Hotel Osaka】Good Deal! Dinner from 5 restaurants x 17 types of benefits = 85 types of stay plans are available for reservation!

To commemorate the 85th anniversary of its founding on Thursday, January 16, 2020, Rihga Royal Hotel Osaka will offer an accommodation plan “Made to Order 85” (from 52,000 yen per night for two people per night, including dinner, tax)・ Service fees (including service charges) were sold from April 1 (Wed) to January 15 (Fri), 2021 and reservations started on March 9 (Mon).

(Upper left) Deluxe floor twin (upper right) Italian restaurant Bella Costa
(lower left) All-day dining Limone “lunch buffet” (lower right) Chocolate boutique leclat “wild shine”
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About Made to Order 85

“Made to Order 85” is an accommodation plan that allows you to enjoy 85 different stays by combining one of your favorite benefits from the 17 benefits and dinner from one restaurant from 5 restaurants (“Restaurant Chambord”, “Italian Restaurant Bella Costa”, “Teppanyaki Naniwa”, “Chinese Cuisine Imperial Family Ryuho”, “Japanese Cuisine Nakanoshima”).

You can combine the special benefits of your choice, such as taking home the popular product “Wild Shine” of the chocolate specialty store “Choco Love Boutique Leclat” as a souvenir or spend a drinking time with some cocktail at the hotel bar.

Wild Shine by Choco Love Boutique Leclat

Overview of accommodation plan “Made to Order 85”

【Reservation period】March 9, 020 (Mon)-January 10, 2021 (Sun)
*Reservations are accepted until 5 days before.
【Accommodation period】April 1, 2020 (Wed)-January 15, 2021 (Fri)
*There are excluded days
【Price】Price per person per night for 2 people (including dinner, tax and service charge)
Deluxe Floor Twin 52,000 yen-
Natural Comfort Floor Twin 53,000 yen-
The Presidential Towers Deluxe Twin 70,000 yen-
*There is a plan for 3 people.
① Selectable dinner (You can choose one from five restaurants.)
“Restaurant Chambord”, “Italian Restaurant Bella Costa”, “Teppanyaki Naniwa”,
“Chinese Cuisine Ryuho”, “Japanese Cuisine Nakanoshima”
*Regular holidays vary depending on the store.
*Dinner content varies by season.

② Selectable benefits (You can choose one from the following 17 benefits per person.)
1. Room upgrade (* 1)
2. Late check-out at 15:00 (* 1)
3. Room Service, Pilaf of seafood
4. Room Service, Market Salad
5. Room Service, 1 bottle of sparkling wine
6. All Day Dining Limone Breakfast Buffet
7. All Day Dining Limone Lunch Buffet
8. Recommended whiskey or cocktail at Leach bar
9. Recommended one drink at Cellar Bar
10. Karaoke room free for 1 hour at Cellar Bar
11. One cup of Grand Gru Cafe at Main Lounge
12. Wild Shine (Chocolate) by Chocolate Boutique Leclat
13. Gourmet Boutique Melissa’s Leaf Pie (18 pieces)
14. Gourmet Boutique Melissa’s Orange Cake
15. Hotel original raccoon plush
16. Hotel original Yukata 1
17. Master Sommelier’s Recommended Wine 1 bottle at La Cave de Rihga