【Rihga Royal Hotel Osaka】Halloween Special “Jail Suite” Package Plan♪

The Rihga Royal Hotel (Osaka) is offering a limited time offer of one room per day in the Jail Suite “Royal Halloween 2020”. It will run from Friday, September 11 to Saturday, October 31, 2020, with reservations opening on Wednesday, September 9.

“Jailhouse Suite” themed accommodation

The annual Halloween Suite at Rihga Royal Hotel (Osaka). In 2020, the theme will be “prison suites,” and the 82.5-square-meter Fontainebleau suite (82.5 square meters) will be decorated in the style of a French palace.

“The luxurious rooms, which have a “prison” atmosphere, are decorated with animals in prison uniforms and skull items, as well as a photo spot where you can take a photo with a skull in prison uniform. Seasonal cakes from gourmet boutique Melissa will also be offered.


Accommodation Plan “Royal Halloween 2020

【Contract Period】 September 9 (Wed) – October 30 (Fri), 2020
【During the stay】 September 11 (Fri) to October 31 (Sat), 2020
*Reservations can be made up to one day in advance.
*There are reservation benefits on the official website.
1.12:00 late check-out (usually 11:00)
2.Parking is free of charge (normally 1,500 yen per car per night)
3.Gourmet Boutique Melissa’s 200 yen shopping vouchers (one per person)
Only one card can be used per person at a time for purchases of 500 yen or more.

【Reservations and Inquiries】
Rihga Royal Hotel, Reservations Department
Phone: 06-6441-1121 (direct)
Hours: Weekdays 9:00-18:00/Saturdays, Sundays and holidays 9:00-16:00

West Wing Suite “Fontainebleau” (82.5m2)
*Room rate per night (including tax and service charge)
・One room for two people Weekday: 40,000 yen Day before or before holiday: 52,000 yen
・One room for 3 persons Weekday: 45,900 yen Day before or before holiday: 57,900 yen
・One room for 4 persons Weekday 52,000 yen Day before holiday 64,000 yen

*One room per night (including breakfast, tax and service charge)
You can choose from breakfast at All Day Dining Limone or Japanese breakfast at Nadaman.
・One room for two persons: Weekday 43,600 yen Day before or before holiday 55,600 yen
・One room for 3 persons Weekday 51,300 yen Day before holiday 63,300 yen
・One room for 4 persons Weekday: 59,200 yen Day before or before holiday: 71,200 yen