【Rihga Royal Hotel Osaka】Halloween sweets buffet with the theme of “Masquerade” will be held.


“Halloween Sweets Buffet Masquerade” will be held at Rihga Royal Hotel Osaka from September 6th to November 4th only on Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

The theme of “Halloween Sweets Buffet Masquerade” is “Masquerade”. The buffet stands are lined with red and black sweets, creating a chic and mysterious adult Halloween.

Spooky but delicious foods.

The welcome drink is an eerie “bloody smoothie”. It’s a glass of Halloween that expresses dripping blood with a red jelly.

There are 25 kinds of sweets, including “bone bone short cake” that expresses bones with pure white meringue, and “pumpkin mousse“ masquerade ” that uses a mask as a motif. In addition, 15 kinds of snacks such as “black pasta & red sauce” with red and black appearance are also prepared.

In addition to offering a unique cocktail in the image of a “blood pack” at an additional charge, masks will be rented out. You can also enjoy a commemorative photo with food and drinks at the photo spot installed in the store.


Halloween sweets buffet masquerade

【Period】Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and holidays from September 6 (Friday) to November 4 (Monday, holiday)
【Hour】120 minutes each
Mon / Tue / Fri 12: 00-16: 00 (Entry time, 12: 00/13: 00/14: 00),
Saturday / Sunday / Holiday 1st 12: 00- 2nd 15:00-
(Complete replacement system)
【Price】Adult 4,800 yen (tax included), elementary school student 2,400 yen (tax included), infant (4-6 years old) 1,000 yen (tax included)
【Location】Rihga Royal Hotel Osaka “Annex Limone”
【Address】 5-3-68 Nakanoshima, kita-ku, Osaka