【Rihga Royal Hotel Osaka】”The second strawberry sweets buffet strawberry blossom” starts on March 6th.


Following the first event, sweets made with seasonal strawberries, “Strawberry sweets buffet 2nd Strawberry blossom” will be start on Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays only from March 6 (Fri) to May 6 (Wed, holiday) 2020 at Rihga Royal Hotel “Annex Limone” (Annex 7F).

Vol.2 “Strawberry Blossom”

The second installment entitled “Strawberry Blossom” will feature a buffet with about 30 sweets, each of which is decorated with plenty of strawberries as flowers. Of particular interest are sweets made from rare white strawberries. The special dessert “Painting Palette and Strawberry Brochette” is made of white strawberries, passion fruit fresh marshmallows and cherry blossom buns in a cherry blossom viewing dumpling style. It is a dish that tickles the girl’s heart, using a strawberry brochette as a paintbrush and drawing “my own cherry blossoms” on a pallet plate with a strawberry chocolate ganache in a tube.

In “Strawberry Shortcake” and “Strawberry Tart”, you can enjoy two flavors of sweet and sour bright red strawberries and fruity white strawberries. In addition, “strawberry and pistachio flan” using pistachio that goes well with strawberry, “strawberry mont blanc” with chestnut, strawberry and white bean cream with milk chocolate mousse, fresh strawberry with extracted strawberry extract Chef’s recommended sweets such as “Jelly of strawberry” which confined the flavor are prepared.

Light snacks include refreshing mouthfeel strawberry gazpacho and soy milk tofu red purple soup-flavored tapioca, as well as BLT + egg sandwich, open Inari sushi, and shepherds pie-meat sauce and mashed potato gratin. There are also about 20 menus that you can do.


Strawberry Sweets Buffet 2nd, “Strawberry Blossom”

【Event Period】Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays from March 6 (Fri) to May 6 (Wed, holiday) 2020
【Location】”Annex Limone” ( Rihga Royal Hotel Osaka Annex, 7th floor)
【Hour】120 minutes each
Mon, Tue, 12:00-16:00 (Entering time ①12:00 / ②13:00 / ③14:00)
Fri, Sat, Sun, Holiday Part 1 12:00- / Part 2 15:00- (Complete replacement system)
【Price】Adult 5,900 yen, Elementary school student 2,950 yen, Infant (4 to 6 years old) 1,000 yen