【Rihga Royal Osaka】Strawberry flavor is newly added to the popular premium bread “Royal Rich Chiffon”!


The Royal Rich Chiffon (1,296 yen, including tax) which is made by mixing four types of berries added to popular premium bread “Royal Rich Chiffon” since its launch in 2017 is sold at the gourmet boutique Mellisa on the 1st floor of Rihga Royal Osaka until April 15. In addition, “strawberry fair” which prepared bread like spring using strawberry is holding.

Royal Rich Chiffon (Berry)

“Royal Rich Chiffon (Berry)” uses AOP-certified fermented butter from France Isny ​​to combine soft dough like a chiffon cake with dough flavored with strawberry paste, and dry it in 4 types. Fruits (strawberry, cranberry, blueberry, cassis) are kneaded.

You can enjoy the exquisite balance of sweet and sour berry with soft buttery flavor, milky and sweet gentle flavor, fluffy texture. If you just cut it without baking, the pink marble pattern is cute and it is also recommended for tea time.

Gourmet Boutique Melissa “Strawberry Fair”

Royal Strawberry Danish

324 yen

Crispy dough with custard cream with dry strawberry and almond cream.

Strawberry and condensed milk bread

216 yen

Milk cream and strawberry compote bread that is easy to eat in bite-sized pieces.

Strawberry Cream Melon Bread

270 yen

Crispy strawberry cookie dough is put on brioche dough and plenty of strawberry cream is put in.

Strawberry Jam Bread

238 yen

An easy-to-eat jam bread containing strawberry jam with natural sweetness and sourness.

Strawberry pain au chocolat

260 yen

Crispy croissant dough is topped with diced strawberry chocolate.

Strawberry French Toast

303 yen

It is French toast of strawberry flavor finished softly.

Petit Palmier (Strawberry)

98 yen / 1 piece

Strawberry-flavored white chocolate and freeze-dried strawberries are topped on a heart-shaped croissant dough.

Strawberry Anko paste bread

270 yen

Strawberry-flavored anko is wrapped in fluffy Royal Rich Chiffon fabric and topped with strawberry compote.

Strawberry Kouglof

702 yen

Dried strawberries are kneaded into brioche dough and baked moist. In addition, strawberry flavored white chocolate is topped.


Royal Rich Chiffon (Berry)
【Sales Period】-Apr.15 (wed)
【Sales Location】Gourmet Boutique Melissa
【Hour】10:00 – 20:00
【Baking time】Around 13:00
【Price】1,296 yen (includes tax)

Gourmet Boutique Melissa “Strawberry Fair” (Bread)
【Sales Period】-Apr.15 (wed)
【Sales Location】Gourmet Boutique Melissa
【Hour】10:00 – 20:00 (Open daily)