【Sennan】Rinku South Beach’s largest recreational base in Kansai, “SENNAN LONG PARK” will open on April 28, 2020!

“SENNAN LONG PARK”, the largest recreation facility in Kansai, where you can experience sports, food and leisure as a whole, will open on April 28, 2020 (Tuesday).

Kansai’s largest recreational facility “Sennan Rinku Park”

Sennan Rinku Park is one of the largest recreational facilities in Kansai, with excellent access to Kansai Airport, the gateway to Kansai, and close to Rinku Premium Outlets and Aeon Mall. Nicknamed “Sennan Long Park”. (Hereinafter referred to as Sennan Long Park)

Within the Sennan Long Park, which is about 2 km away, there are four zones: a glamping area, a community area, a Marche area, and an activity area. They can be enjoyed together. At night, you can see the fantastic view of Long Beach by lighting up.

“Glamping area” where you can casually camp outdoors

The “URBAN CAMP HOTEL Marble Beach” will open in the “Glamping Area” where you can enjoy outdoor camping with the casual feeling of staying at a hotel.

Adjacent to the beach, there will be a separate villa with ocean view in all rooms. Each villa is fully equipped with BBQ dining, kitchen, living room and Jug to meet various needs of families, groups and couples.

Authentic American BBQ while looking at the beach.

At BBQ Dining, you can enjoy authentic American BBQ using a grill with a lid. A meal with a view of the beach will surely be a special time.

Interior based on the concept of Palm Springs, an oasis in the desert.

The rooms are equipped with beds and massage chairs that are unique to the hotel so that even beginners of the outdoors can fully relax.

The interior of the Arizona design team FJI in the United States is based on the concept of “Palm Springs” known as an oasis in the desert, with key colors for each room, refreshing blue, fresh yellow, chic marine Blue and lovely pink are available.

“Campfire” wrapped in sunset and sea breeze

A campfire that can be visited not only by hotel guests but also by day-trip users is also located on the hotel premises. The healing time of watching the bonfire against the sunset on the beach wrapped in the sea breeze is exceptional.

Day BBQ is also OK in the “community area”!

The “community area” is an open and relaxing area with a beach-like BBQ area and restaurants with terrace seating. You can have a relaxing time with your worried friends while watching the sea.

A casual outdoor menu that is fun even on a day trip.

In the BBQ area of ​​the “community area”, there are a wide range of outdoor menus that can be enjoyed by day guests as well as by guests. You can enjoy BBQ with a course menu or with food and drinks brought by yourself in a sofa style with all seats full of resort feeling.

Gas grills with lids that can be used to cook thick-cut meat that are difficult to pass through on a charcoal fire are installed, so even “authentic” people should be satisfied.

“Activity area” with one of the largest prospective athletic in Japan.

“Activity area” with all sports facilities. You can sweat comfortably while bathing in the sea breeze of Sennan.

15 meter high view athletic

The highlight of the “Activity Area” is the 15-meter high observing athletic “HEARTTHROB”, one of the largest in Japan. Named “Heartthrob”, which stands for “violent heartbeat and passion” and “longed-for star,” this athletic has more than 100 elements and, as the name suggests, you can feel thrilled while performing hard missions.

Enjoy many other sports

In the “Activity Area”, there are various sports facilities such as a skate park and a soccer field in addition to the “Heart Slob”.

“Marche area” where you can meet local ingredients in Senshu.

The Marche Area, which was realized in cooperation with the Okadaura Fishing Port, hosts a Marche every weekend where you can enjoy local ingredients that benefit from Quanzhou’s natural blessings. It will be a new “food” shopping spot around Rinku.


Sennan Rinku Park (nickname: SENNAN LONG PARK)

【Opening Date】April 28 (Tue), 2020
【Address】2-201 Rinku Minamihama, Sennan-shi, Osaka, etc.


【Fee】3 hours on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays / 4 hours on weekdays Adults 1,800 yen + tax, children 900 yen + tax
*Food and drinks are allowed. Course fee separately
1st weekday: 12: 00-16: 00 2nd: 18: 00-22: 00
1st Saturday: 11: 00-14: 00 2nd: 15: 00-18: 00 3rd: 19: 00-22: 00
Sundays and holidays 1st: 11: 00-14: 00 2nd: 15: 00-18: 00


【Fee】Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 1h / Weekdays 1.5h 2,500 yen
*Staggered entrance every 15 minutes. Reservable
*Up to 30 people can enter once

CAMP FIRE *Hotel user free

April and September: 18: 00-21: 00
February, March and October: 17: 00-21: 00
January, November and December: 16: 00-21: 00