【Seven Eleven】New Products of the week!


I’m sorry that I could not introduce new products last week.
Anyway, here is Seven Eleven’s new products of the week which will be on sale from May 21.

Rice ball with seasoned seaweed and Salmon wasabi mayonnaise.

Region Limited
129 yen (Tax included)

It’s a rice ball with seasoned seaweed and salmon as ingredients. They thawed the steamed salmon and mixed it with compatible wasabi and mayonnaise.

Large serving! Fried lunch box.

Region Limited
473 yen (Tax included)

A side dish of fried chicken which is seasoned with garlic soy sauce.

Smooth and chewy! Cold Chikuwa and egg Tenpura Udon Noodle.

Region Limited
432 yen (Tax included)

It is a cold udon noodles topped with Chikuwa Tenpura using pollack fish-meat paste and egg Tenpura.

Spiced fragrant!
Dry beef curry pasta.

Region Limited
399 yen (Tax included)

It’s hot dry curry sauce pasta. They made a curry sauce with a good taste of beef and vegetables with umami and spice.

Eat with ponzu! Pork & sprouts.

Region Limited
386 yen (Tax included)

It is a pork & sprout that can consume 1/2 of the necessary vegetables a day. Pork, bean sprouts, cabbage, onions and carrots are served in volume. Please put on the attached ponzu.

Pasta salad with tuna radish and Japanese basil.

Region Limited
300 yen (Tax included)

A pasta salad with grated daikon radish, mizuna, carrots, lettuce, large leaves, tuna, and boiled egg. Please put on the dressing of ponzu vinegar taste.

Terimayo bacon egg burger.

Region Limited
397 yen (Tax included)

A terrific burger with teriyaki hamburg, bacon and fried egg. Beef patties with onion have sweet taste and texture.

Apple Custard Pie

Nationwide Release
168 yen (Tax included)

It’s apple pie of fragrant taste. The custard is squeezed in a fragrant puff pastry, and it is baked with a battered apple, leaving a sweet and sour crisp texture.

Strawberry Shortcake

Nationwide Release
300 yen (Tax included)

It is a colorful cup sweet that imaged strawberry short cake. The amount of carp meat in salmon sauce is increased, and it is finished as a sauce that more sweet and sour taste of salmon is felt.

Uji Matcha cream Mochi

Nationwide Release
118 yen (Tax included)

It’s a sweet using Uji matcha. It is a glutinous dough sprinkled with a lot of matcha tea and is covered with a cream rich in matcha flavor.