【Seven Eleven】New Products of the week!


I will pick up and introduce several new products to be released from “Seven Eleven’s New Products of the Week”. They will be on sale from May 28.

Rice ball using carefully selected rice / Grilled cod’s-roe with marinated kelp

Region Limited
135 yen (Tax-included)

It is a rice ball using well-selected rice with good graininess, moderate stickiness and flavor. The ingredient is grilled cod’s-roe from Hokkaido with marinated kelp using Hidaka kelp. You can taste both the fragrant surface of grilled cod’s-roe and the fresh, moist raw material.

Rice ball using carefully selected rice / Salmon & Spicy cod’s-roe

Region Limited
135 yen (Tax-included)

It is a rice ball using well-selected rice with good graininess, moderate stickiness and flavor. Ingredients are combined with plump baked grilled salmon and Hakata spicy cod’s-roe with grain.

Rice ball using plenty of eggs

Region Limited
151 yen (Tax-included)

It is a popular omelet rice. Tomato sauce and thick egg are combined with ketchup rice.

Rice ball with salmon & sea weed

Region Limited
140 yen (Tax-included)

It is a rice bowl of wakame seaweed mixed with rice ball popular ingredients. Using wakame (sea weed) by Sanriku. The rice which cooked with two types of kelp and bonito will bring out the umami flavor of salmon and wakame.

Grilled chicken with Yuzu pepper Bento

Region Limited
496 yen (Tax-included)

It’s bento which has grilled chicken with Yuzu pepper as a side dish with providing satisfactory feeling. Chicken meat with chicken cob meat has a juicy texture. You can taste the taste of Yuzu pepper and its spicy crisp texture.

Yuzu fragrant! Splashing on rough grated daikon Soba

Region Limited
453 yen (Tax-included)

It is a cold-type soba with rough grated daikon. You can enjoy the combination of flavored and delicious noodles with coarse buckwheat flour and umami soup which has been used as a soup stock.

Splashing on Miwa Somen with 7 ingredients

Region Limited
432 yen (Tax-included)

It’s a splashing on typed sommen that uses a slippery Miwa somen. A combination of soups made with five types of soup stock: bonito radish, soda katsuo, mackerel, urume and kelp. It prepared 7 kinds of ingredients of tomato, cucumber, egg thread egg, large leaf, green onion, tuna and yam.

Ham Sandwich

Region Limited
224 yen (Tax-included)

This sandwich is a combination of thick ham and cucumber with a pleasant texture.

Mix Sandwich

Region Limited
257 yen (Tax-included)

It is a mix sand that combines popular ingredients.

In one bite! Wrapped Mitarashi

Region Limited
105 yen (Tax-included)

It’s a bite-type dumpling that is wrapped in sauce in a resilient and crispy rattan fabric. The sauce is sweet and soy sauce, which is familiar in the area, and black honey is used for its secret taste.