【Seven Eleven】New Products of the week!


I will pick up and introduce several new products to be released from “Seven Eleven’s New Products of the Week”. They will be on sale from June 4th.

Hand-rolled rice ball
with spice sauce and chicken

Region Limited
135 yen (Tax included)

It is a hand-rolled rice ball of chicken rice seasoned with soy sauce sauce, where the umami taste of chicken can be felt. Chicken breast meat of inside is fragrant grilled with charcoal

Hand-rolled rice ball
Karashi Takana

Region Limited
118 yen (Tax included)

It is a hand-rolled rice ball with a Karashi-takana which is spicy chili vegetable inside. Stir-fry the well-preserved pickles and season it with the umami of the pickles and the hot taste of the chili peppers.

Grilled mackerel with salt Bento

Region Limited
505 yen (Tax included)

A grilled, fried and simmered dish is served in a plentiful manner, and it is an inner lunch of the curtain that you can taste even if you don’t heat it in the oven.

Large serving! Mixed grill lunch.

Region Limited
604 yen (Tax included)

A hearty mixed grill lunch with a large amount of rice. Beef ribs, hamburgers with demi sauce, and grilled chicken with spices are served.

Asari clam rice
with tricolor vegetables

Region Limited
300 yen (Tax included)

Colorful rice with clams, vegetables and beans. Sake-steamed clams are combined with specially made sauce, and the rice is cooked with clams steam.

Japanese-style pasta
with tuna and daikon radish

Region Limited
451 yen (Tax included)

It is a Japanese-style pasta where tuna, Shiso leaves, and pasta with mizuna are added, and daikon grated.

Raw ham cream cheese (basil sauce)

Region Limited
311 yen (Tax included)

It is prepared bread of raw ham and cream cheese. Sandwiched with salty raw ham and leaf lettuce in crisp semi-hard bread. It is seasoned by combining a rich cream cheese sauce with a savory basil sauce.

Roast beef sandwich
(Japanese style soy sauce)

Nationwide Release
399 yen (Tax included)

It is sandwich sandwiching roast beef of beef thigh. It is seasoned with Japanese style soy sauce.

Plenty Matcha Cream Raw Dorayaki

Nationwide Release
300 yen (Tax included)

It is a hearty Japanese-and-West Origami sweet, with a thick and plenty of Matcha cream (green tea cream) sandwiched between dorayaki dough. Matcha cream uses highly flavored Uji matcha tea.

Mochi-toro Strawberry

Nationwide Release
100 yen (Tax included)

It is Western-style Daifuku of strawberry taste. Airy thick mochi wraps strawberry-flavored whipped cream with strawberry sauce. The soft candy dough and the sweet and sour of the strawberry are excellent compatibility.