【Seven-Eleven Limited】Doraemon limited design will be released from KOSE popular skin care “Sekkisui”!

From Kose’s skin care brand “Sekkisui”, a limited design of “Doraemon” appears. From January 20, 2020 (Monday), it will be sold exclusively for Seven-Eleven Japan.

Skin Care Set D 1,200 yen + Tax

Popular secret of “Sekkisui”

“Sekkisui” was born in 2004 through joint development with Seven-Eleven. Despite being an affordable price, the skin care series containing Japanese and Chinese plant extracts is gaining in popularity as it leads to fresh and clear skin like snow.

Doraemon design with watercolor touch.

This time, a limited package of Doraemon design is newly introduced from “Sekkisui”. Doraemon winks and flies through the sky with watercolor touches reminiscent of “Sekkisui” lotion drops.


All four types will be deployed. Popular No.1 “White Facial Cleansing Cream” that gives healthy skin with creamy foaming, “Medicated lotion” that leads to smooth skin with fresh moisture, and dense moisture gives smooth skin “Whitening milky lotion” lineup.

Left) Medicated lotion 60ml, 920 yen + Tax
Right) Whitening milk 60ml, 980 yen + Tax


“Sekkisui” Doraemon limited package <Limited Cosmetics>

【Release Date】January 20 (Mon). 2020
【Store】Seven-Eleven Japan