【Seven-Eleven nationwide】Disney’s “Frozen” Olaf’s Japanese sweets will be released from November 22nd.


“Orafu” Japanese sweets from the Disney movie “Frozen” series appear. It will be released at Seven-Eleven nationwide from Friday, November 22, 2019.

Olaf turns into a Japanese sweet !?

The new “Tabe Mas”(Eatable Mascot) series that imitates various characters is a Japanese confection with a mysterious snowman “Olaf” motif from “Frozen 2”, which will be released on Friday, November 22nd. Appears in maple flavor after the “autumn” season depicted in movies.

It is made with attention to details, such as snowflakes that have entered Olaf’s body. Sitting down and looking up is so lovely that you want to decorate it without eating it. Why don’t you try taking this Olaf that can only be found in Japan and eating it with Japanese tea?


Tabe Mas (Eatable Mascot), Frozen 2 “Olaf”

【Release Date】November 22 (Fri), 2019
【Price】258 yen + Tax
【Store】Scheduled to be sold at 7-Eleven chilled sweets corners nationwide
*Due to limited quantity, sales will end as soon as it is gone.
*It may not be handled at some stores.