【Sheraton Miyako Hotel Osaka】”Tsukimi (Enjoy the moonlight) Sweets Box” will be released.


The Sheraton Miyako Hotel Osaka sells “Enjoy the moonlight Sweets Box” at the cafe and gourmet shop Cafe Bell from September 13 to 16, 2019.

In a two-tiered stack box, in addition to cookies like macaroons and moon dumplings in the image of a full moon, sweets incorporating autumn materials such as pumpkins and chestnuts are packed.

Have a picnic at night with this sweets box.

4,000 yen (tax included)



“Enjoy the moonlight Sweets Box”

【Sales Period】 September 13 to 16.
(Reservations are required by the day before.)
【Price】3,636 yen (+Tax)
【Location】Hotel Mezzanine Cafe & Gourmet Shop Cafe Bell
【Reservation】 06-6773-5582