【Sheraton Miyako Hotel Osaka】”Valentine Fair” now being held.


From February 1 (Sat) to February 14 (Fri), 2020, the “Valentine Fair” is being held at two cafe and gourmet shops, Cafe Bell and Bar, at the Sheraton Miyako Hotel Osaka.

Cafe & Gourmet Shop Cafe Bell

Cafe & Gourmet Shop Cafe Bell is introducing sweets and breads that allow you to fully enjoy the charm of chocolate.

Valentine chocolate cake

520 yen
To-go 562 yen / eat-in 572 yen

A simple cake with chocolate cream sandwiched in softly baked chocolate sponge dough and strawberry and macaroons add glamor.

Chocolate cannée de bordeaux

230 yen
To-go 248 yen / eat-in 253 yen

For a limited time, you’ll be able to enjoy the cannée de bordeaux chocolate flavour, where you can enjoy the crispy texture inside and the crisp inside.

Almond chocolate roll

220 yen
To-go 238 yen / eat-in 242 yen

The bread dough is baked with chocolate, almonds and orange peel. Rich chocolate and bittersweet orange peel are excellent compatibility.

Bar eu / Cocktail Lounge Top of Miyako

Valentine cocktail

A bittersweet sweet cocktail combining black chocolate liqueur and espresso liqueur. A heart drawn with chocolate sauce will excite a wonderful “Love Day”.

1,200 yen


Valentine Sweets & Bread

【Sales period】February 1 (Sat)-14 (Fri) 2020
【Hour】10:00 – 20:00
【Location】Mezzanine of Hotel, Cafe & Gourmet Shop Cafe Bell
【Web】 https://www.miyakohotels.ne.jp/osaka/restaurant/list/cafebell/index.html

Valentine cocktail, Confession

【Location】Sheraton Miyako Hotel Osaka 2F Bar, Eu
Sheraton Miyako Hotel Osaka 21F Cocktail Lounge Top of Miyako
【Hour】17:00 – 24:00 / 17:00 – 23:00
【Price】1.200 yen