【Shiki Theater Company】You can enjoy musical in your language!

The theater company Shiki has decided to start the “Multilingual Subtitle Service using Smart Glass” on May 9 (Thu) at the Disney Musical “Little Mermaid” Osaka Tour (Osaka Shiki Theater).

Disney Musical “Little Mermaid” Osaka Tour

Supported languages ​​are “English”, “Chinese (Simplified / Traditional)”, “Korean” and “Japanese”. With the introduction of this service, you can enjoy hands-free theater without leaving your eyes on the stage.

(Wearing image)
English subtitle image at the time of wearing

Detail of renting smart glasses

Period: It will start from May 9.
Location: Osaka Shiki Theater at Herbis Plaza ENT 7F
Price: 1,000 yen (including tax)
*At the time of renting, 3,000 yen is necessary as deposit.
Target age: 7 years old or older

How to rent
Shiki Theater Reservation Center : 0120-489444 (Toll-free/ 10 am to 6 pm)
*Reservation deadline = until 18:00 the day before the show
* Reservation in Japanese and English only
(Because English-speaking staff are limited, it may take some time)