【Shin-Osaka】A little fashionable sake bar. “OSAKA BAR, Chirori” will open June 24, 2019 in Eki Marche Shin Osaka (JR Shin-Osaka Station conventional line ticket gate)!

“Eki Marche Shin-Osaka” in the conventional ticket gate of JR Shin-Osaka Station. It is one of the largest in-station commercial facilities in the ticket gate of JR West Japan, where 37 stores such as souvenirs, sweets, lunchboxes and restaurants are gathered. There is a Japanese sake bar “Osaka Bar Chirori” open on Monday, June 24, 2019!

About Osaka bar Chirori

“Osaka bar Chirori” is a sake bar that has a concept of “plucking in a stylish style”. Feel free, it is a new spot to enjoy sake stylishly. The shop name “OSAKABA (逢酒場)” is a coined word that “OSAKA” and “BAR” are multiplied. It is thought that want to make it a place to enjoy delicious sake in Osaka.

You can enjoy sake and various alcohol stocks from Kansai storehouse. There are also Kansai-style dishes such as Kansai-style oden and meat-rolled pork cutlet. It’s also a good place to stop at the end of work and switch from “on to off” or as a place to taste Kansai and Osaka before getting on the Shinkansen.

Limited Opening Campaign!

The Osaka Bar Chirori will be offered as an open commemorative gift from Osaka Ikeda’s fine sake “Goshun Tokugin Ginjo” for a limited amount of ¥ 300 (excluding tax) per glass of champagne.


OSAKA BAR, Chirori

【Location】Inside of JR Shin-Osaka Station conventional line ticket
【Hour】11:00 – 23:00
【Holiday】There is no holiday.