【Shin-Osaka / Sakai】Halloween limited “Haniwa Pudding” released!

A limited edition Halloween version of Osaka’s signature sweets “Haniwa pudding” will be available for sale for a limited time at the Takashimaya Sakai store from Wednesday, October 2nd, 2019, and at the JR Shin-Osaka campus sweets patio from mid-October.

Halloween limited “Haniwa Pudding”

“Haniwa Pudding” started from a plan to enliven the World Cultural Heritage registration as a group of Mozu / Furuichi burial mounds, a specialty sweet in Sakai-city Osaka that has a charming pudding with a smooth taste and gentle sweetness in a charming cup. This time, two types of limited flavors will be developed for Halloween.

One is “Pumpkin’s Hanawa pudding”. A pudding with the sweetness of pumpkin is decorated with a chocolate ornament of pumpkin ghosts and bats.

The other “Raspberry Sauce Haniwa pudding” is a thick custard pudding in a limited edition “Black Haniwa” with a crispy red raspberry sauce on the image of blood. The sweet and sourness of raspberry sauce is a dish that matches the rich sweetness of custard pudding with plenty of eggs.

A special packaged two-piece set sold at the JR Shin-Osaka Sweets Patio is perfect for gifts and gifts. At Takashimaya Sakai, only single items are sold.


Halloween limited version “Haniwa Pudding”

【JR Shin-Osaka campus sweets patio】
[Sales Period] Mid-October 2019 ~
[Sales Item] Special package Halloween limited version
2 pieces set (1 piece for each limited flavor) 1,600 yen + tax

【Takashimaya Sakai Store】
[Sales Period] October 2 (Wed)-October 7 (Mon), 2019
[Sales Item] Halloween chocolate and pumpkin Haniwa pudding, raspberry sauce Haniwa pudding 700 yen each + tax