【Shinsaibashi】 Disney’s “Alice in Wonderland” limited edition cafe is now open!


Disney’s Alice in Wonderland” Oh My Cafe opened in Shinsaibashi on February 5 (Fri) for a limited time.

“A limited edition café with the theme of “Mysterious Creatures.

Disney’s “Alice in Wonderland” Oh My Cafe is a limited time cafe where you can enjoy the world of “Alice in Wonderland”, Disney’s animated feature film released in 1951. You can enjoy food and drinks inspired by the mysterious creatures and characters that Alice encounters after she wanders into Wonderland.

<Rose> Chilled Cappellini with Flower Garden 1,990 yen + tax

Bagel sandwich with white rabbit & clock motif

The food lineup includes the “White Rabbit” motif, which is the inspiration for Alice’s magical journey, and the “No Time! The lineup includes “Tuna and Vegetable Bagel Sandwich. This bagel sandwich with tuna cream and fresh vegetables is a visual representation of the “white rabbit’s” cherished watch that has been “broken. The black tea jelly that accompanied the plate also showed a sleepy “dormouse” figure.

<White Rabbit> No time to waste! Tuna and Vegetable Bagel Sandwich 1,790 yen + tax

Sandwiches with the image of twins

The image of the twins Tweedledum and Tweedledee, who constantly get in Alice’s way, is the “Funny Twin Sandwiches” with their eye-catching round cologne shape. The set includes a meat sauce and pumpkin flavor and a mango yogurt flavor.

<Tweedledum and Tweedle-dee> Funny Twin Sandwiches 1,990 yen + tax

Alice’s Cherry Pie flavored drink in a small bottle.

There is also a wide selection of drinks. The “Don’t Cry! Cherry Pie Style Drink” is a unique cherry pie flavored drink.

<Alice> Don’t cry! Cherry Pie style drink 990 yen + tax / with clear bottle + 1,500 yen + tax

Rosewater with Queen of Hearts motif

The “White Rose Rosewater” is inspired by the Queen of Hearts. The drink has a device that allows you to recreate the memorable scene where the playing card soldiers on retainer paint the white roses red.

<Queen of Hearts> White rose rosewater 890 yen / with acrylic coaster + 900 yen + tax

Sale of original cafe goods

The store also sells original goods from the cafe. Clear files and letter sets depicting Alice, eco-bags scattered with mysterious creatures, and magnets with famous scenes are available.


Disney’s Alice in Wonderland” Oh My Cafe

【Store Period】 Feb 5 (Fri) – Apr 11 (Sun), 2021
【Restaurant】 Kawara Cafe & Dining Shinsaibashi
【Location】 Shinsaibashi OPA 9th floor
【Address】 1-4-3 Nishi-Shinsaibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka City, Osaka
【Official Web Site】 https://wonderland.ohmycafe.jp/
【Reservation】 Reservation must be received at least three days prior to each event.

Feature item of the day

Princess Gargle Cup & Stand Wonderland

740 yen