【Shinsaibashi】 Ministop’s soft serve ice cream shop “MINISOF” is now selling hot ice cream.


MINISTOP’s soft serve ice cream specialty store MINISOF is now offering two new hot drinks, “HOT Belgian Chocolate (Nomu soft serve)” and “HOT Super Milk (Nomu soft serve)”.


MINISOF is a new business format launched in March 2020 as a soft serve ice cream specialty store owned by the Ministop convenience store. Like Ministop, its signature soft-serve ice cream not only uses carefully selected ingredients such as raw and condensed milk produced in Hokkaido, but also features a special method of kneading the air content to enhance the smooth texture of the ice cream.

New Beverage Menu

The new Beverage is a blend of the store’s signature soft-serve ice cream ingredients blended with specially selected milk from Hokkaido. HOT Belgian Chocolate (soft-serve ice cream) features the popular Belgian chocolate soft-serve ice cream as the main ingredient and is sprinkled with cocoa powder for a bittersweet, authentic chocolate drink. In addition, the HOT Super Milk (Nomu Soft Ice Cream), which is made from the popular Hokkaido Vanilla soft ice cream, is a creamy and rich drink.

The top of each one is decorated with a generous amount of sugar-free whipped cream. You can enjoy a richer taste by drinking these with a drink.


“HOT super milk (Drinkable Soft Served Ice Cream)”
“HOT Belgian chocolate (Drinkable Soft Served Ice Cream)”

【Price】 490 yen (tax included) / each
【Store in Osaka】 MINISOF Shinsaibashisuji Minami-Senba Store
【Address】 3-7-16 Minami-Senba, Chuo-ku, Osaka City, Osaka