【Shinsaibashi】Ham-taro Cafe 2020 is going to be open for a limited time!

Ham-taro Cafe 2020 will open for a limited time at Shinsaibashi Contact in Osaka on Friday, July 31, 2020.

The theme is “Sunflowers and the Sea.”

Tottoko Ham-taro Cafe, which opened in 2019, is set to return. The theme of this event is “Sunflowers” and “The Sea”, and there will be a “Umi-no-ie (Beach House)” style menu and stylish food items on sale, perfect for hot summer. Each of them is a cute menu that makes use of Ham-chan’s individuality.

Uminoie’s Himawari Yakisoba with bread, a variation on the Beach House’s classic yakisoba menu, features a breaded Ham-taro in the center. Full-blown sunflowers in the shape of an egg are arranged around it, giving it a gorgeous finish.

Uminoie no Himawari (Sunflower of Beach House) Yakisoba with bread 1,499 yen + tax

‘I’ve dropped the seeds! ~ Koushi-kun Sea Curry” is a light blue curry that reminds you of an open beach scene. Impressive. Koushi, with a sad expression on his face, is chasing after the seeds, holding onto Pilaf’s float.

‘I’ve dropped the seeds! ~ Koushi-kun Sea Curry” 1,499 yen + Tax

They’ve got a great dessert menu, too!

The “Ribbon-chan’s Ukiukiuki Fruit Parfait” is a cute dessert consisting of fruit-filled float jelly with a piece of ice cream made by Ribbon-chan in the center. It’s surrounded by cool jelly that resembles a sparkling ocean.

Ribbon-chan’s Ukiukiuki Fruit Parfait 1,399 yen + Tax

Donuts featuring Muffler and Chibimaru-chan are decorated with fruits, jellies and ice cream to make a sweet plate. It’s really cute and charming to see the two of them puffing away on the floatation ring together.

Floating Donuts Plate 1,499 yen + Tax

The lineup also includes an ice cream parfait of Kaburukun, who hides behind an ice cream cone, and an ice cream cone of Ribbon-chan. A birthday cake celebrating Hamtaro’s birthday on August 6 is also available. The cream-filled pancakes, which are based on the image of sunflowers in full bloom, are decorated with Hamtaro and Ribbon is also decorated with motifs.

HAPPY HAMU HAMU Birthday Cake 1,499 yen + tax

Original cafe goods with new designs will also be available!

In addition to the café’s menu, original goods with new designs will be sold at the venue. There are many cute designs of sundries such as key chains, coasters and magnets. As a bonus for visitors, those who use the cafe will receive a random Ham fan. And if you order a drink menu at the cafe, you’ll get an original coaster as a gift.


Ham-taro Cafe 2020 in Osaka

【Exhibition Period】July 31 (Fri) – Aug 16 (Sun), 2020
【Location】Shinsaibashi contact
【Address】1-6-24 Kitahorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka City
【Reservation Start Date & Time】Jul 3 (Fri) 18:00 –
【Reservation Fee】500 yen (With Reservation Benefits)
【Official Web Site】https://hamutarocafe.sho.jp/