【Shinsaibashi】Minnie Mouse’s limited time cafe is open for a limited time from February 28!


A limited-time cafe “OH MY! MINNIE MOUSE” featuring the Disney character Minnie Mouse will open at Kawara CAFE & KITCHEN in Osaka on Friday, February 28, 2020.

Minnie Mouse Cafe for a limited time.

Since decorating his screen with “Steamboat Willie” released in 1928, Minnie Mouse has appeared in more than 70 works as Mickey Mouse’s eternal girlfriend and as a symbol of Disney characters alongside him. A cafe where such Minnie plays the leading role will be open for a limited time.

Minnie Mouse’s original menu dressed in Vivid Yellow costume.

The limited-time cafe that will open this time has an original menu with a motif of Minnie Mouse, which combines a large ribbon with a trademark and a vivid yellow costume based on the theme of “Minnie Mouse, a positive lifestyle icon living in the modern age”.

Hamburger “Cheerful Burger” that imitates the iconic silhouette, “Hashed Beef Ribbon Rice” with a yellow ribbon motif, “Fruit Plenty Sandwich” with original plate attached (can also be ordered separately), cool and delicious You can enjoy a variety of menus from food to sweets and drinks, such as the yellow-colored “fluffy banana shake”.

Original goods also released

In addition, there is a lineup of original goods that use the same design of Minnie Mouse in various approaches, from stationery to cushion covers.



【Period】February 28 (Fri)-April 19 (Sun) 2020
【Location】9th floor of Shinsaibashi OPA
【Address】1-4-3 Nishishinsaibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi
【Seat on the day】You may come directly to the store on the day, and you may be able to enter if there are no seats available.