【Shinsaibashi】The Disney anime “Aladdin” cafe will open in Shinsaibashi, Osaka on June 15.

“Aladdin OH MY CAFE”, with the motif of the world of Disney animation “Aladdin”, will open at Kawara CAFE & DINING in Osaka and Shinsaibashi from June 15 (Saturday).

The concept of the cafe is “LOVE”

The concept of the cafe, which opens to commemorate the release of the live-action movie “Aladdin” to be released on Friday, June 7, 2019, is “LOVE”. The restaurant offers an original menu that expresses the world of Disney animation “Aladdin” and also sells original goods with the characters appearing in the work as motifs in the oriental romantic atmosphere like “Aladdin”.

Cafe Menu

Magic lamp curry

1,790 yen

Black curry inspired by a magical lamp. Jeanie seems to be jumping out of fluffy meringue salad! ?

“Magic carpet”
special lap sand.

1,790 yen

Roll up your favorite ingredients in a magic carpet-like light-baked bread and enjoy. It is a recommended menu of SNS shine!

Greedy Chicken Burger

1,990 yen

Greedy Abu monopolizes the treasure in the cave?
Healthy chicken patties burger and plenty of vegetables are just like treasures! ?

“Jafar” evil chicken cream plate

1,790 yen

Chicken cream plate in the image of the evil minister Jafar. Serve with saffron rice.

“Jasmine and Dahlia” colorful pasta

1,790 yen

Outstanding girly oil pasta with a theme of friendship between the two. Produce colorfully with shrimp and grilled vegetables! It’s garlic flavor.

Drink Menu

“Aladdin & Jasmine” Fruit in Drink
(yoghurt flavor)

 1,750 yen (with original bottle) / 750 yen (without bottle)

Pour it into a glass with plenty of fruit. A refreshing, and light yogurt-flavored drink.

“A Whole New World” Grape-flavored starry drink

1,290 yen

An ice shave in the image of a cloud floats. Taste the night sky feeling ♪

Fruit in raspberry tea

1,290 yen

Jasmin tea blossoms in a teapot. Relax your mood with the scent of jasmine.

“Razoul” orange smoothie

1,690 yen (with coaster)
/ 750 yen (without coaster)

Orange-flavored smoothie. It is accompanied by fluffy meringue, which resembles that of Razoul’s beard.

yogurt smoothie

1,690 yen (with coaster)
/ 750 yen (without coaster)

A cool smoothie perfect for summer that expresses the image color of Jeanie. Lemon accents.

Original goods

Acrylic Key Ring (Aladdin & Jasmine)
1,200 yen

Acrylic Key Ring (Genie)
950 yen

Charm 3 pieces set
1 all 1,200 yen

Acrylic badge
(4 random) 650 yen

iPhone case (6/7/8)
all one kind 2,500 yen

iPhone case (X)
all one kind 2,500 yen

Post card set (A / B)
All 2 types 650 yen each

Clear pouch
All 1 type 1,400 yen

All 1 type 1,500 yen

Hand towel
all one kind 900 yen

Index clear file
All 1 type 700 yen

Frame sticker
All 1 type 1,000 yen


Aladdin OH MY CAFE

【Holding Period】June 15 to July 15, 2019
【Location】kawara CAFE & DINING Shinsaibashi Store
【Address】Opa 9th floor, 1-4-3 Nishi-shinsaibashi, Chuo-ward, Osaka