【Shinsaibashi / Hotel Nikko Osaka】“Christmas Sweets Order Buffet” will begin on November 1st.


“Christmas Sweets Order Buffet” and “Christmas Afternoon Tea Set” will be available from Hotel Nikko Osaka on Friday, November 1, 2019.

Christmas Sweets Order Buffet

At the Christmas Sweets Order Buffet, you can order and taste all 16 types of sweets at your seat. Unique menus such as “Tonka Bean Tree Mont Blanc” with a sweet and gorgeous scent and “Snowman Tropical” with the image of tropical Christmas are prepared. In addition, classic Christmas sweets such as “Stollen (German Fruit Cake)” and “Strawberry Shortcake” are also available. You can also order “Chicken Bucket Sand” and “Corn Soup” as food menus. How about enjoying a variety of cakes while relaxing at your seat?

Christmas Afternoon Tea Set

The popular every year “Christmas Afternoon Tea” is renewed from two to three stages. In the upper and middle tiers, sweets such as “Christmas Paris Brest”, “Lollipop-style white chocolate”, and “Candle Roll Cake Berry Sauce” are set. In the lower row, there are savory menus such as “smoked salmon and mozzarella cheese” and “chicken and vegetable tomato quiche”.

For those who want to enjoy an even more elegant Christmas atmosphere, a glass champagne set is recommended. Why don’t you spend a luxurious time with sweets and savory unique to Christmas?


“Christmas Sweets Order Buffet”

【Period】November 1 (Fri)-December 18 (Wed) 2019
【Hour】1st part 11: 30 ~ 13: 00, 2nd part 13: 30 ~ 15: 00
(Each part is replaced 90 minutes, L.O. 30 minutes before the end)
【Location】Hotel Nikko Osaka 2nd floor, Lobby Lounge
【Price】Adult 4,100 yen + tax, elementary school student 2,900 yen
【Scheduled menu】 https://www.hno.co.jp/restaurant/lobbylounge/sweets-order-buffet-christmas.html
【Reservation / Inquiries】 06-6244-1598(11:30~21:30)

“Christmas Afternoon Tea Set”

【Period】November 1 (Fri)-December 25 (Wed)
【Hour】13: 00-17: 00 (2 hours)
【Location】1st floor Tea Lounge “Fountain”
【Price】4,000 yen + tax / glass champagne included 6,000 yen + tax
【Information】 https://www.hno.co.jp/restaurant/fountain/afternoon-teaset-christmas.html
【Reservation / Inquiries】 06-6244-1695(10:00~21:00)