【Shinsaibashi / Hotel Nikko Osaka】Halloween Sweets Order Buffet will be held for a limited time.


“Halloween Sweets Order Buffet” will be held at Hotel Nikko Osaka from Sunday, September 1 to Thursday, October 31.

About Halloween Sweets Order Buffet.

“Halloween Sweets Order Buffet” is a seasonal sweets buffet that you can order as many as you like from 17 different types of Halloween sweets and enjoy them as much as you like.

The lineup consists of cute-looking sweets devised by the chef team. There are unique items that will make you feel like Halloween, such as the “Black Sesame Cookie Shoe”, where the centerpiece looks like this, and the “Mummy Man’s Tart Tatin” on which the mummy rides.

The menu also features seasonal tastings such as “Mont Blanc of bat” using Japanese chestnuts, “Chestnut and Hojicha Mousse” and “Pear Tart”. Why don’t you take this opportunity to fully enjoy Halloween-style autumn sweets.


Halloween Order Sweets Buffet

【Period】Sep.1 (Sun) – Oct. 31 (Thu)
【Hour】1st part 11: 30-13: 00, 2nd part 13: 30-15: 00 (90 min each)
【Price】3,900 yen + Tax / Adults,
2,700 yen Tax / Elementary school students
*The last order of each part is limited to the number of people until 30 minutes before the end.
*Price includes drinks.

【Location】Hotel Nikko Osaka 2nd Floor “Lobby Lounge”
【Address】1-3-3 Nishi-Shinsaibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka