【Shinsaibashi & Izumi-city】Spring limited edition “Strawberry and Uji Matcha” from PABLO mini will be released on April 1.


Freshly baked cheese tart shop ‘PABLO mini’ has released new spring ‘Strawberry and Uji Matcha’, which will be on sale from April 1 (Wed) to May 31 (Sun), 2020.

Strawberry and Uji Matcha

The “Strawberry and Uji Matcha” is a small, palm-sized tart filled with Uji Matcha cheese dough and topped with a generous layer of strawberry-flavored pink whipped cream. The taste of bittersweet Uji Matcha and sweet and sour strawberry is a perfect match. The finishing touch is a “crunchy” raspberry crispy raspberry crispy on the top, which adds an accent to the fun texture.

300 yen (Includes tax)


Pablo Mini
“Strawberry and Uji Matcha

【Sales Period】April 1 (Wed) – May 31 (Sun), 2020
【Price】300 yen (includes tax)
【Store in Osaka】Shinsaibashi Store, Lala Port Izumi Store