【Shinsaibashi, Namba, Izumi】For those who have enjoyed the Japanese spring♪ Why don’t you take a spring tart and go see the cherry blossoms?


PABLO mini, a freshly baked cheese tart specialty store, has introduced a limited time spring tart, Sakura Mochi, which will be available from March 1 (Mon.) to April 30 (Fri.), 2021. It’s so cute that it will look great on Instagram, and it’s a size that’s easy to carry around with you, so you’ll be able to take some great pictures when you take it with you on your cherry blossom viewing trip.

Pablo Mini’s Spring Limited Edition “Sakura Mochi” Tart

Available only in the spring season, Sakura Mochi is a Japanese cheese tart that expresses “cherry blossom rice cake” by combining the gorgeous aroma of cherry blossoms that spreads in your mouth with the chewy texture of gyuhi.

A layer of Gyuhi on top of a cheese tart baked until slightly browned is a cherry blossom bean paste sprinkled with cherry leaves from Izu, Shizuoka Prefecture. With its gorgeous appearance and taste, the tart is slightly colored with cherry blossoms, and is sure to make you feel the coming of spring.

【PR】 Sakuramochi


Pablo Mini Springtime Limited Edition “Sakura Mochi” Tart

【Sales Period】 Mar 1 (Mon) – Apr 30 (Wed), 2021
【Price】 300 yen (Tax included)
【Store】 Shinsaibashi Main Store, Green PABLO Namba City Store, Lala port Izumi