【Shinsaibashi / Umeda】”Large Shine Muscat” limited edition cheese tart from PABLO is now available!


A specialty store that specializes in freshly baked cheese tarts will sell “Luxury Shine Muscat Cheese Tart from Okayama Hareoh” by PABLO for a limited time from September 1 (Tue) to September 30 (Wed), 2020.

A large, whole shine muscat!

The “Luxury Shine Muscat Cheese Tart of Okayama “Hareoh”” is a cheese tart that uses the whole “Hareoh” seedless shine muscat, which can be eaten with its skin.

The cheesecloth is layered with refreshing yogurt custard cream and garnished with a generous amount of large, high-sugar “Hareoh” grains. You can enjoy the crispy texture and elastic flesh of the Shine Muscat to the fullest.

Luxurious Shine Muscat cheese tart from Okayama’s Hereoh: 2,593 yen + tax

They have mini sizes too♪

In addition to the 15cm diameter cheese tart, the first “small” cheese tart will also be available for the first time. They are about 11cm in diameter, perfect for one or two people.

Luxury Shine Muscat Cheese Tart from Okayama “Hareoh” Small size: 1,111 yen + tax


Luxury Shine Muscat Cheese Tart from Okayama “Hareoh”

【Sales Period】Sep 1 (Tue) – Sep 30 (Wed), 2020
【Price】2,593 yen + Tax / 1,111 yen + Tax for mini
【Store】Shinsaibashi Main Store, JR Osaka Station Store, La La Port Izumi Store (Mini size only)