【Shinsaibashi / Umeda】The “Italian Chestnut Mont Blanc” tart is now available from PABLO for a limited time!


Freshly baked cheese tart specialist PABLO mini’s new “Italian Chestnut Mont Blanc” is now available at all Pablo and Pablo mini stores from Tuesday, September 1, 2020 through Saturday, October 31, 2020.

278 yen + Tax / piece

Italian Chestnut Mont-Blanc

The “Italian Chestnut Mont-Blanc” is a richly flavored Mont-Blanc cheese tart made with the autumnal flavor of chestnuts. The crispy tart is filled with cheesecloth that is poured over a crispy tart, then squeezed with a rich marron cream made with Italian chestnuts and topped with powdered sugar to finish it off.

The fragrant, mildly flavored marron cream and the rich cheese tart are a perfect match!


Italian Chestnut Mont-Blanc By PABLO mini

【Sales Period】Sep 1 (Tue) – Oct 31 (Sat), 2020
【Sales Store】Freshly baked cheese tarts at all Pablo & Pablo Mini stores
【Store in Osaka】Shinsaibashi Main Store, JR Osaka Station Store, La La Port Izumi Store