【Shinsaibshi】Japan’s first public bath style protected cat cafe “Cat Baths” opens in Shinsaibashi, Osaka.

A totally new protection cat cafe with a concept of “Showa’s Mass Public Bath”, which can be used from 10 minutes, where 15 protection cats heal everyday fatigue, was born in the middle of Osaka.

From the picture of Mt. Fuji drawn on the wall, to the “Kerorin pail” carrying accessories, and the optional footbath service. If you go to bed with a cat or touch a cat and bathe in the “cat component” like a hot spring, the “Cat Bath” where you can heal your body and mind well and you are well-dressed. It is also a place to meet and meet.

Image of popular public bath of Showa

The “Cat Bath” is a completely new concept of protection cat cafe, where you can relax with a cat in a bath of a public bath or you can heal your daily fatigue by touching cats.

The interior is an image of the popular Showa public bathhouse. If you lie on a tatami mat and play with a cat or look at a cat while taking a footbath, your mind and body can be relaxed and healthy.

About “Cat Bath”

You can be healed physically and mentally by sleeping with a cat, touching a cat, and taking a cat like a hot spring. That is the effect of the “cat bath”. For protected cats, it has become a familiar training by touching people, and it has become a kind place for both people and cats.
*There is no general bath in “Cat Bath”.

Point of “cat bath” facility

Instagrammable spot here and there

Speaking of public baths Mt. Fuji. Of course, Mt. Fuji is drawn on the wall of the cat bath. The cat’s relaxing spot at the cat-step attached to the wall is a great Instagrammable spot.

In addition, there is an acrylic ball and a board in the catwalk on the ceiling, and you can see the ball from the bottom of the cat that you can see the flesh ball completely or you can not easily see.

The “cat dormitory” that stands out in the store exterior is a place where cats can relax and relax. The relaxed form of driftwood-like cat steps is sure to be reflected in the instagram when taken from outside the store.

The luggage you want to bring into the store is Kerorin pail!

Valuables are lockers that were actually used in public baths in the Showa era. The luggage you want to bring to the cat room is put in the old cherub kerorin pail and entered. You can feel the Showa public bath feeling more clearly.

Old-fashioned Mt. Fuji and pines, cranes, turtles, sunrise and murals.

On the wall of the cat bath, in addition to Mt. Fuji, the auspicious pine, crane, turtle, and sunrise are also drawn. If the cats fall on transparent acrylic cat-steps, you can take unique pictures like climbing a mountain on Mt Fuji or flying in the sky with a flying crane.

You can relax on the tatami mat.

The tatami mat cat bath is a special tatami mat for cat specifications. By sitting directly on the tatami mat, you can get closer to the cat and enjoy more contact with the cat. If you are not good at sitting on heels, they will prepare a familiar cypress bath chair in a public bath.

You can also enjoy a full-fledged footbath at the “Cat Baths” for an additional fee. You will be lucky if a cat gets on your knee during footbath.


“Cat Bath” by Protection Cat Cafe Cat Republic

【Business day】Monday – Sunday
【Business Hour】Weekday 12:00 – 21:00 / Weekend 12:00 – 20:00
【Cat bathing fee (admission fee)】
Weekday: 10 minutes 200 yen (excluding tax)
Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays: 10 minutes 250 yen (excluding tax)
One hour course Weekday: 1500 yen (excluding tax)
Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays: 1800 yen (excluding tax)
Weekday limited 1 day free plan 3800 yen (excluding tax)

【Address】 1F, 1-14-20 Shimanouchi, Chuo-ku, Osaka
【Phone】 06-4708-3889
【URL】 https://www.neco-republic.jp/necoyokujo.html