【Shopping】 Launch of BABY-G “Sailor Moon” wristwatch inspired by the transformation scene, including a “night sky” dial with a shimmering moon motif!

BABY-G and “Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon” have collaborated to produce a women’s wristwatch. BABY-G and “Sailor Moon” will launch a women’s wristwatch on August 5, 2022 (Fri.).

“BA-110XSM-2AJR” 20,900 yen

Collaboration watch inspired by “Sailor Moon’s transformation scene

Sailor Moon,” which was animated in the 1990s and celebrated the 30th anniversary of its serialization, and BABY-G, which was also created in the 1990s, have teamed up to create a watch inspired by the transformation scenes of Sailor Moon. The design inspired by the transformation scene of Sailor Moon has been incorporated into the tough round watch BA-110.

“BA-110XSM-2AJR” 20,900 yen

Night sky” motifs of the moon and stars twinkling on the dial

The case is navy skeleton, reminiscent of the night sky. The bright navy face is decorated with the words “Sailor Moon” along with a shimmering motif. The gold hands give the watch an even more glamorous look. The back of the watch also features an engraved silhouette of Sailor Moon.

Bands printed with hearts and stars

The bands to which they are paired are also noteworthy. Blue, red, and yellow stars, moon, hearts, and other Sailor Moon-inspired motifs are arranged on the band. The ring is printed with the same Sailor Moon silhouette as the caseback.

Housed in a package designed in conjunction with a clock

The packaging is also a special edition, linked to the visuals of the watch. Like the band, it is printed with various motifs and Sailor Moon silhouettes.

“BA-110XSM-2AJR” 20,900 yen


“BA-110XSM-2AJR ” 20,900 yen
【Release Date】 Friday, 5 August, 2022
【Store】 G-SHOCK STORE nationwide or Online Store
【Store in Osaka】 G-SHOCK STORE OSAKA
【Address】 1F Grand Front Osaka North Bldg. 3-1 Ohfuka-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka City, Osaka