【Shopping】 Nintendo’s first official branded book with Pikmin plush pouch and tote bag is available today!

The first official brand books in Nintendo’s Pikmin series, three Pikmin Plush Pouch Books and a Pikmin Interior Tote Bag Book, will go on sale at Lawson and other stores on November 9, 2022 (Wednesday).

The first official brand book of “Pikmin” was born.

The official brand book of Nintendo’s “Pikmin” series is finally available. The magazine introduces the “Pikmin Bloom” application, which celebrated its first anniversary since its release. When you plant a flower in the app, a different big flower blooms near the place where you planted it each month, and information about the Deco Pikmin that appeared that month is stored and explained in the “Flower Pictorial Book.

“Pikmin” plush pouch or tote bag included

Also featured are a plush pouch and interior tote bag featuring exact replicas of all three types of pikmin: blue, yellow, and red pikmin.

The plush pouch Pikmin has a zippered pocket on his back for storing small snacks, lipstick, and other items. A ball chain is also attached to the pouch, so it can be attached to bags and other items for fun.

The “Interior Tote Bag” features three front pockets that can easily fit a plush pouch. The green accents create a natural taste design that makes it easy to carry around. The logo on the side and the interior of the pockets are subtly decorated with pikmin playing hide-and-seek. Recommended not only for commuting to work or school, but also for storing small items in the car.


“Pikmin” Official Brand Book

【Release Date】 Wednesday, November 9, 2022
【Store】 Lawson, HMV, HMV&BOOKS online, Nintendo TOKYO/OSAKA, My Nintendo Store
・”Pikmin Plushie Pouch Book” (blue Pikmin, yellow Pikmin, red Pikmin): 2,629 yen each
・”Pikmin Interior Tote Bag Book” 2,959 yen