【Shopping】 PAUL & JOE ACCESSOIRES has just released a new cat motif!

PAUL & JOE ACCESSOIRES will launch its new bag collection in February 2022 at department stores nationwide.

New bags with a “cat” motif

New bags with gorgeous colors and cat motifs are now available. The bags include basket bags, eco bags, and carry cases that can be used in a variety of situations.

Basket Bag with Cat Patch

From the popular annual basket bag series, two types of bags are lined up: a tote bag and a shoulder bag with a cat patch. The adorable cat patches, drawn with a realistic touch, are eye-catching. In addition, the drawstring of the tote bag and the lining of the shoulder bag are decorated with colorful flower prints. The bright, pop design is perfect for the spring and summer season.

Bag tote bag: 9,900 yen / Shoulder bag 9,350 yen

Eco-bag with “Nunet” cat print

The eco-bags are printed with a variety of designs, including Paul & Joe’s iconic cat “Nunette” pattern and the new Safari pattern. The background of the “Nunette” pattern uses elegant colors such as pale lavender and pink. The bag is available in two sizes: the S size, which is ideal for shopping at convenience stores, and the M size, which has a capacity of about 18 liters and can securely hold up to 55 grams.

Eco-Bag S size (Nunet/lavender, black, green): 2,090 yen each
Eco-bag M size (cat/pink, nunette/lavender, safari/navy): 2,750 yen each

Chrysanthemum & Nunet Carry Case

There will also be a carry-on case in a size perfect for a two to three night stay. It comes in two designs: “Chrysanthemum”, the symbolic chrysanthemum motif of Paul & Joe, and “Nunet”, a cat. Both come with a cat-shaped name tag. In addition to the charming design, the bag is also fully functional, with an expandable zipper to adjust the capacity when you have more luggage, and a TSA lock.

Krizanthem carry-on bag/blue 19,800 yen / Nunet carry-on bag / pink 19,800 yen


Paul & Joe Accessoires New Bag Collection

【Release Date】 February
【Store】 Department stores nationwide, etc.

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