【Shopping】Always with your favorite stuffed animal! Here’s a handy case that you can wear in your own bag!

You want to take your favorite stuffed animal with you, but you’re worried about getting it dirty, or that it’s too hard to carry around! I’m sure there are many people who say, “I’m going to do this. There is a happy case for such people.

ACOS Original Cloth Bag Transformation Case’ will be released on July 10 (Fri) from ‘ACOS’, a cosplay shop of animate. It’s now available for pre-order online! May COVID-19 settle down for the summer and enjoy traveling and shopping again!

A brand that is easy to enjoy cosplay.

ACOS’ is a cosplay shop of animate which has 8 stores in Japan. We carry a wide range of cosplay products such as costumes, wigs, and color contacts, making it easy to enjoy cosplay. Incidentally, there is a store in Osaka in Nihonbashi.

There is a store in Osaka, but from April 1st this month, some of the “ACOS” products will be available at animate mail order, so if you are interested, please check it out.

My bag is now available with a stuffed toy.

The new “ACOS Original Sewing Bag Transformation Case” is a great way to turn your bag into a stuffed animal outing by simply attaching it to the handle.

The PVC material part is lame, and the inside pocket can be decorated to your liking by putting a can badge or something like that. Compatible with stuffed animals up to approximately 16 cm tall, but may not be able to be fixed due to size and shape.

The price of ‘ACOS Original Cloth Bag Transformation Case’ is 1,800 yen (excluding tax). It will be on sale at animate stores and ‘ACOS’ online shops across Japan and on ‘ACOS’. The ACOS online shop has been taking pre-orders since April 6 (Monday), and you can get it by April 23 (Thursday) for sure. Let’s check it out if you’re curious!

With this case, you don’t have to worry about getting your favorite “nui” or goods in the rain or getting them dirty. It’s nice to be able to carry your favorite things with you at all times in a clean state.


ACOS Original Cloth Bag Transformation Case

【Release Date】July 10 (Fri)
【Reservation Period】April 6 – 23 (thu), 2020
【Price】1,800 yen + Tax
【Online Store】https://www.acos.me/ (Item Page)
【Store in Osaka】Animate Nihonbashi (Acos)